Advanced Watermarking

Protect your images with custom watermarks and separate renditions
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Protect your assets by creating separate watermarked renditions

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Customize your watermark to ensure it meets your brand guidelines

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Apply watermark permissions, by user group, to all or specific categories

A More Secure Approach to Watermarking

Instead of applying a watermark overlay, MediaValet protects your assets from misuse by generating watermarked renditions of all your image assets, ensuring asset originals are protected from unauthorized access via screenshots, right-clicking and saving, and web scraping.
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Safeguard your assets

  • Assign watermark permissions to specific user groups, ensuring they only have access to watermarked assets.
  • Apply a watermark to specific or all categories, keeping frequently used brand assets readily available to all users.
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Collaborate with confidence

  • Allow users to share watermarked renditions of your assets while tracking all views, shares and downloads.
  • Establish and utilize easy approval workflows when requesting asset originals.
Digital Asset Management - Browse Screen with Watermarked Assets

Leverage enterprise watermarking

  • Instantly connect watermarked assets with your tech stack using MediaValet’s API.
  • Protect your image assets while maintaining brand standards across your entire organization.

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