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Can 2D & 3D Files be Viewed with DAM?


Architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, facilities management, interior design, mechanical engineering, structural engineering and surveying firms all have one thing in common: business depends on the ability to build 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings and share those files with partners and clients located across the world that don’t own a licence to AutoDesk software. AutoCAD […]

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How Can a Mobile App For DAM Improve Marketing Efficiency?


According to tech journalist Stewart Rogers in Forbes Magazine: “In 2016, mobile directly influenced $550 billion in retail sales in the U.S. alone. New data tells us that 80% of consumers now turn to a smartphone before they turn to a human for assistance. And none of this is slowing down in 2017.” In the […]

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How Margaritaville Leverages DAM to Tell Their Story

MediaValet Margaritaville Blog Image

Last week, we shared how excited we are that Margaritaville’s iconic brand has joined the MediaValet family. We often say that we’re inspired by the creativity and innovation of our customers and their marketing strategy.  Margaritaville is a company that captures the hearts and minds of millions of customers and continues to engage them every […]

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How DAM Can Bring Home the Bacon for Food & Beverage


 The Power of Food As a consumer product, food has a special power. Food is what keeps us all going, whether we look at it from a nutritional perspective or from the viewpoint of enjoyment, emotion, habit and vice. Food is everywhere, and every single person on this planet needs it and wants it. Photos […]

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7 Expert Sources to Help You Understand DAM Technology


The digital asset management (DAM) industry has been continually developing over the last three decades. It started within niche publication, print and media industries who needed to manage large media files and, over the last few years, steadily climbed to become a foundational marketing tool across all industries. Gartner calls the level of change in […]

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What is Digital Asset Management


Whether you’re looking to secure your organization’s growing collection of photos, or hoping to empower employees who work across the globe with instant access to your company’s rich media files, most of the people we speak with day-to-day ask us in one way or another to explain: What exactly is digital asset management? The truth […]

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New eBook: Seven Digital Asset Management Predictions for 2017

mediavalet 7 digital asset management for 2017 ebook

In the past few days, we all welcomed the start of a new journey. To kick the new year off, we are excited to share our 7 DAM Predictions for 2017. 2016 saw significant developments in the digital asset management (DAM) industry, from Gartner highlighting the DAM landscape in the first-ever Gartner DAM Market Guide to The […]

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5 Common Questions People Ask When Choosing a DAM Vendor


There are an overwhelming number of digital asset management system offerings on the market, and I talk to people every day who are struggling to decipher between the many options. One of the questions people ask me the most frequently at the beginning of our conversations is whether they will even be able to find […]

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Thought Leaders: Denzil Ford on DAM as a Library [DAM News Feature]


What do we mean when we say that a digital asset management solution (DAM) acts as a “central library” for rich media, such as photos and videos? The first thing most people assume is that this terminology refers to the fact that a cloud-based DAM provides organizations with one central location to hold all of […]

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How to Use DAMS to Scale Content & Fuel Digital Transformation


 The Problem with Content In the world of content marketing, there is a lot of noise out there, and the only way any of us are going to make our voices heard is by providing real answers that help our audience. Our goal as content marketers is to provide solutions to struggles, feed wonder with […]

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