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It’s Not Just Forrester – Many Experts Say DAM is Central to Enterprise


Yesterday on CMSWire, David Roe reported that according to Forrester’s new Vendor Landscape, DAM has moved to the heart of enterprise. Roe’s declaration corrects many conversations out there that ask what it will take to move DAM into the mainstream and opposes the claim that it’s too late because DAM is dead. At MediaValet, we […]

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The Ins and Outs of MediaValet’s Microsoft Office Feature


Since the day we built the industry’s first Digital Asset Mangement (DAM) platform on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet has been tightly aligned with Microsoft’s ecosystem and vision. Our first customers instantly loved the security and scale that came with the Azure Cloud and came to rely on Microsoft Office to fuel their organization’s productivy. It was […]

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Learn About the DDD and the Actor Model from Software Expert, Sergiy Chernets


On Thursday, June 1st, our very own Software Architect, Sergiy Chernets, will be hosting a meetup with the DDD/CQ/ES Practitioners in Vancouver. Sergiy is a well-known tech expert in Vancouver, with 24 years of experience in software engineering and a Masters Degree in Computer Science. In 2012, Domain-Driven Design became his soul way of approaching […]

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MediaValet & Margaritaville Celebrate Customer Success


We feel honored that one of America’s most loved lifestyle brands, Margaritaville, chose our cloud-based digital asset management solution to help manage their collection of digital assets. Our team got them onboarded and welcomed them to the family with open arms. During the sales process and throughout onboarding, we got to know the people at […]

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7 Scenarios for Leveraging Office Docs in a DAM


For much of the history of digital asset management (DAM), the term “digital asset” referred to a rich media file, such as a photo or video. While DAM systems can store assets that are highly text-based, such as brochures, the most common practice has been to use other tools outside of a DAM to manage […]

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4 Steps to Drive Retail Customer Experience (with DAM)


You use hundreds of hours on training employees, spend thousands of dollars on marketing materials and send dozens of deals to customers in hopes of improving business performance. This is a day-to-day reality for a retail organization. But getting and keeping loyal customers requires more than just a few coupons. This uphill battle is only […]

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Can You Edit Office Documents in Your DAM? We Can!


Digital asset management (DAM) is no longer just about storing photos and videos. DAM is a single source of truth that gives businesses the means to organize, share, and work with digital files of almost any type. This includes text files. What you may not have heard is that in-app editing for Microsoft Office documents […]

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How To Make Sense Of DAM Industry Content


If you’re in the market for a digital asset management (DAM) solution, it’s likely that you’ve begun to read online information about the product offerings, vendors and the industry as a whole. Like many areas online, you don’t necessarily come away with a clearer picture just because you read more. The sheer volume of information […]

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How DAM Libraries Transform (#LibrariesTransform)


Public book repositories are not the only kind of library and certainly not the only type that transform. Some libraries accumulate in people’s homes. Others are built for private use, and many are increasingly popping up online. It’s National Library Week in the Unites States, and what better time to take a moment to think […]

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How To Solve The Top 5 Digital Asset Pains for Oil & Gas


Ugh, it happened again. Ten team members from your international offices called looking for marketing or branding files. One can’t find the brochure they are certain got approved last month, and others are seeking images, guidelines, and the latest industry white paper. And this was today alone! No one wants to be a stand-alone gatekeeper […]

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