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How to Use Custom Images in Your Digital Strategy (and a Sneak Peek at Our Photoshoot)


We have all heard statistics about the rise of visuals in content marketing and the importance of using your own visuals to drive engagement, but, while this makes sense in theory, for most marketers, creating a library of original images is easier said than done. It can require heavy investments into photographer services, finding locations […]

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6 Thought Leaders Share Top Takeaways from CMWorld 2017


Content Marketing World attracts the best thought leaders in marketing, technology and incredible story telling. With over 100 sessions, jam-packed into three days, everyone is literally drowning in ideas and learnings at the end of the conference. Every year after the show, Magnificent Marketing challenges a select number of marketing and technology leaders to come […]

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7 Customer Insights into Buying a DAM System


Think about the last time you bought a computer. The experience was more or less straightforward, wasn’t it? You narrowed down your choices based on your needs and budget, checked out a few reviews and, ultimately, made your purchase within a week. It was easy. But, if you’ve ever purchased marketing technology for your team, […]

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8 Sports Analogies to Help You Manage a DAM Project

Sports Analogies for DAM

Ahh….Baseball. The crisp smell of freshly cut grass, the loud roar of the crowd, and the satisfying crack of the bat making contact with the ball. There’s nowhere in the world you’d rather be than this stadium… But….wait a second! Snap out of it! You’re not watching the baseball game. You’re watching your computer screen […]

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Dropbox or DAM? 6 Questions to Ask


Dropbox or DAM? Just a few years years ago, the answer would have been obvious. Dropbox and digital asset management systems were miles apart in functionality, with Dropbox being seen as a file management solution and DAM only being used by media and publishing companies. But this is no longer the case. Today, both Dropbox […]

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How to Brand Your DAM System in 4 Easy Steps

90. How-to-Brand_DAMS

In the marketing world, your brand is gold. It sets you apart from your competition and encompasses everything you promise to your current and future customers. Creating a brand portal with your logos, brand guidelines, approved media and fonts is a common best practice of implementing a DAM. But, what often gets overlooked is making […]

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5 Bad Habits in DAM You Need to Break

89. 3 habits DAM

Bad Habits. They’re impossible to avoid and seem to follow you everywhere. It starts as a one-time short-cut you had to do to meet a deadline, and the next thing you know you’re falling into that habit time and time again. In digital asset management, the true and tested rule is “Garbage In  – Garbage […]

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Thought Leaders: Maria Osipova on the MarTech Stack and AI [MarTech Interview Series]


Let’s talk marketing technology. MarTech has been a buzzword in the marketing world for the last few years. But with everyone keeping their own stack close-to-chest, it can be difficult to understand how to build a strong, scalable technology stack. How are other companies building theirs? What’s the latest “need-to-have” software? How do VPs and […]

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20+ Digital Asset Management Terms Everyone Needs to Know


Ok – So you’ve decided that it’s time to get a digital asset management system. You’ve done your research, set-up a few demo requests and you’re ready to tackle the world! You’re feeling confident as you jump into your first call, but about two minutes in…you know you’re in trouble. “Meta…what? “What’s a lightbox?” “What […]

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Who Needs Digital Asset Management? Here are 4+ Industries

87. why_S&P

What kind of company needs digital asset management? It’s a great question, and the answer is simple: all kinds. There’s no one standard formula for determining the type of company that will benefit the most from a DAM, but there are common pains they all feel. When collections of digital assets become scattered, misplaced or […]

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