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What Can MediaValet and CDN Linking Do For You?

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The speed and performance of web content have a major impact on user experience. Whether it be a customer browsing your e-commerce photo gallery, new hires watching company training videos, or a potential customer looking to download an information sheet, you want to deliver the fastest experience possible for your users. As the number of online platforms needed by organizations continues to grow, it's getting harder and harder to ensure the fluidity of your company’s information, data, services, and/or product accuracy across the board. As a result of this growing demand, companies need a solution to help push updated assets to all platforms efficiently and serve them in the fastest way possible: That's where MediaValet's Content Delivery Network (CDN) Linking feature comes in.

In this post, we will dive into the benefits of CDN Linking with digital asset management (DAM), and help determine if it is something that your organization is missing.

Top 3 Benefits of CDN Linking

To put it simply, MediaValet’s CDN Linking feature creates a single source of truth for all your published assets. It helps enable different teams and departments to manage and track their digital content across various platforms and channels (both internally and externally) all from within the DAM. This not only creates a simple, seamless way to grab direct links for all file types, update versions from within the DAM, and embed codes for images, videos, and audio files, but it also helps with keeping track of who has access to what. Three benefits of CDN Linking include:

  1. Enhanced Speed and Performace,
  2. Secure Web Experience, and
  3. Maximum Asset Performance

Let's dive into each benefit in more detail below.

1. Enhanced Speed and Performance

Instead of trying to locate the right content, and wasting valuable time manually updating their outdated branding, organizations need an easy way to manage their digital assets across the several websites and channels their audience visits. With MediaValet's CDN Linking feature, teams can publish their assets (documents, videos, photos, and more) across the web directly from their DAM library. This allows organizations to experience faster load times by providing end users with the content from their closest cache server to ensure the best website performance.

CDN Linking - Acme Shoes

2. Secure Web Experience

In order to maintain good conversion rates, brand reputation, and generally steady traffic, organizations must provide a fast and reliable web experience for users at all times. With CDN Linking, your content will be delivered faster, more reliably, and securely than ever before and provide a superior online experience thanks to MediaValet’s enterprise-grade infrastructure. Microsoft’s network ensures there are always surrounding servers ready to serve assets immediately in the rare event of an outage and has more security certifications than other cloud providers.

3. Maximum Asset Performance

Content plays an important role in communication, advertising, education, and more, which is why it is important to ensure the quality of your assets when sharing them across various channels. CDN Linking helps to maximize your asset performance and ensure consistency throughout your content. With this feature you can:

  • Track asset performance across various channels by creating multiple unique links for specific assets,
  • Learn how your audience engages with content by monitoring asset views from within the DAM, and
  • Ensure assets are delivered to end-users in the fastest load time possible by serving cache content from a distributed network.

Additional benefits of CDN Linking include being able to:

  • Generate asset links or embed codes from within the DAM to post in the platform of your choice,
  • Configure settings for a CDN link—including format and asset size,
  • Monitor asset performance with the number of views recorded into the DAM,
  • View when and who generated CDN links, and
  • Deliver assets to end-users with the fastest load time possible.

CDN Linking - Greek Villa

Use Case: Web–Serving Video Files

Nicole is the front-end developer at Acme Association, a company that produces personal health devices. As part of developing the public-facing and the partner-facing websites, she combs through the DAM looking for assets appropriate for their various web properties. Once she has found an informational product video suitable for their audiences, she uses CDN Linking to generate an embed code that can be input onto the webpage she’s developing. By using CDN Linking, there is no need to find and apply a video/media player onto their website as it’s already hosted by MediaValet.

CDN Linking - Real Estate

What Are You Waiting For?

CDN Linking is already a best practice for any organization that relies on online content, especially those that market globally, providing the fastest and most reliably served content to your customers should be a standard practice in today’s market. For a maximized ROI on CDN Linking, it’s best to use a DAM system as the connection allows seamless asset updates and dramatically improves workflows for anyone working with your company’s online platforms. Not only that, but it also makes for the best end-user experience for prospective clients as it ensures content about your company is always up-to-date and reliably served.

To learn more about CDN Linking, check out our product page or reach out to contact us with any questions, we're happy to help!

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