CDN Linking for DAM

Power your digital marketing strategy and manage web content with ease

MediaValet’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) Linking creates a single source of truth for your published assets, enabling teams to track and manage digital assets across various platforms and channels, all from within the DAM.

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Simplify content distribution

Save time and reduce internal bottlenecks by using links and embed codes to easily publish approved content.


Strengthen brand consistency

Ensure published assets are always current across digital channels with links that dynamically update to serve the latest version from the DAM.

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Maximize asset performance

Provide a faster web experience for your audiences by serving cached content to deliver assets with the lowest latency possible.


Streamline asset publishing

  • Reduce bottlenecks for your web and marketing teams by providing a secure and centralized place to access approved content.
  • Create direct links or embed codes for your campaign assets from within MediaValet.
  • Accelerate your publishing workflow by generating assets with a single click.

Ensure brand control

  • Automatically publish assets in the optimal formats and sizes for different pages and channels.
  • Replace and update outdated asset versions across various platforms without changing existing asset links.
  • Eliminate the distribution of incorrect content by providing access to current and approved assets.

Maximize asset performance

  • Track asset performance across various channels by creating multiple unique links for specific assets.
  • Learn how your audience engages with content by monitoring asset views from within the DAM.
  • Ensure assets are delivered to end-users in the fastest load time possible by serving cache content from a distributed network.

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