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8 Benefits of CreativeSPACES™ for Designers & Creative Directors

8 Benefits of CreativeSPACES™ for Designers & Creative Directors

Let’s be honest  historically, digital asset management and creative teams haven’t mixed wellOver the years, DAM had built a reputation of slowing the creative process and introducing yet another unnecessary technology to the creative workflow. But if done well, with creative workflows in mind, digital asset management can bring incredible value to the creative team.

CreativeSPACES (SPACES) is a hybrid cloud application built specifically to address the DAM challenges faced by creative teams. It connects your cloud-based DAM solution with your local creative servermaking DAM easy-to-use and impactful for creative teams across the globe. And now, with the launch of SPACES Remote, the benefits of SPACES can be extended to remote workers and work-from-home environments.

Here are 8 benefits that CreativeSPACES will bring to your designers, as well as creative directors.

Benefits for Designers

SPACES brings a number of benefits directly to your creative team, including:

  • Improved access to assets,
  • Streamlined project hand-offs,
  • Maintained desktop speeds, and
  • Minimal changes to workflow.

Improved Access to Assets 

Think about how you currently search for a file – you can browse for it in your folders, look it up by its file name (if you can remember it) or maybe filter it by file type. Regardless of preference, there tend to be very few options to search for creative files on your desktop or server – and you tend to need a significant amount of information about the file. 

The SPACES desktop application enables your team to search for assets using a number of advanced search features, including business-specific keywords, AI-driven auto-tags, intuitive filters and more. This helps them find the assets they need faster, as well as uncover assets they may not have known existed!

Streamlined Project Hand-Offs 

Nothing is more frustrating than opening an InDesign file and seeing that the assets aren’t linked. When this happens, it’s usually followed by a painful, often lengthy search for the missing files. Not only is this scenario incredibly trying for your team, it also wastes a significant amount of time – time that could have been spent being creative. 

With SPACES, all work-in-progress (WIP) files, from InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch and more, are automatically synced to the cloud – along with their associated assets and their links. So, instead of packaging up their WIP files for every hand-off, your creative team simply needs to click “Save” and another team member can instantly pick-up the properly linked, design-ready file. SPACES can significantly reduce human error and save precious minutes for your creative team.  

Maintained Desktop Speeds 

One of the biggest challenges that creative teams face when managing their files in the cloud (using digital asset management or file management), is that working with cloud-based assets can be dreadfully slow. The time it takes to download, re-upload and share the files can often cause teams to actually waste more time than they gain. 

SPACES syncs your cloud-based assets to each creative’s desktop (or a shared office server), allowing your team to maintain their speed of work while gaining the benefits and security of working in the cloud. Each asset needs to be synced only once to make it available to the entire team.  

Minimal Changes to Workflow 

It’s natural to be resistant to change. When new technologies or processes add too many steps, alter individual workflows or require a new log-in, it’s likely that, over time, your team will revert back to their preferred way of working.  

SPACES was built to conform to your creative team’s existing desktop workflow, with very minimal changes. The desktop application is designed to mimic a desktop finder window, covering two favored viewing options: panel and list view. From the application, your team can drag-and-drop work-in-progress and source files directly into their design programs, similar to how they would with their own local files. Then, once they’re ready to pass along the file or sign-off for the day, they can CTRL+S within their design program to sync the updated file back to the cloud. 

Benefits for Creative Directors 

SPACES also brings a number of benefits directly to your creative director, including:  

  • Increased visibility into work-in-progress,
  • Ensured business continuity,
  • Secured asset control, and
  • Maximized asset ROI.

Increased Visibility Into WIP

A frequent challenge facing creative directors, especially with an increased number of creatives working from home (at least part-time), is their lack of visibility into work-in-progress files. When everyone is working side-by-side, it’s easy to look over someone's shoulder for a sneak peek, or quickly ask for an update. But, without this in-office visibility, many directors find themselves in the dark until they receive the final file.   

SPACES gives your creative directors ongoing visibility into all working files, including source assets and work-in-progress design files. With consistent access to these assets, they can audit projects while they’re still in progress, ensuring they’re tracking well and meeting the brief. This ensures that there are no last-minute surprises that risk delaying the project.  

Ensured Business Continuity 

When a designer calls in sick to work, it’s common to pass their creative files onto another designer – after all, deadlines need to be met. But, if those files are safely tucked away on the sick creative’s laptop, they become impossible to access and that project is delayed. Unfortunately, it’s a tale as old as time in the creative department.  

With SPACES, your creative team’s work-in-progress and source files automatically sync with the cloud, once saved (and asset links are maintained in the design file). This ensures that they’re available to your creative director at any time and can be redistributed to other designers, if necessary. When design files can be passed to others quickly and smoothly, projects can be streamlined.

Secured Asset Control

When files are stored on hardware, like desktops, laptops, hard drives – even servers – there's always the element of risk for corruption and loss. Not only are these storage types susceptible to human error, such as accidental deletion or theft, they’re also more likely to be impacted by external factors, such as a natural disaster.  

SPACES is continually syncing to a cloud-based DAM built on Microsoft AzureThis ensures your assets are protected by both Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud security, as well as the DAM’s additional security measures, including triple redundancy, geo-replication and industry-specific compliance. With this, your creative director can have peace of mind that their creative files are secure, and any file that’s deleted, misplaced or corrupted can be recovered.  

Maximized Asset ROI

When digital assets can only be found using basic search capabilities, like folder or file name, it can be near impossible for your creative team to find them. What does this mean? At best, it means your designers take more time to find the asset they need. At worst, they don’t know the asset exists at all. Hundreds, if not thousands, of digital files are never used by organizations, simply because they didn’t know they existed or they could not be accessed easily.  

With SPACES, your creative team has access to all digital files that have been purchased or created by the organization – including design files, with asset linking maintained for the lifetime of the file. This opens the entire asset archive up for ideation, inspiration, re-use, etc., significantly boosting the ROI of any given asset. And, using Advanced Search capabilities, such as keywords, auto-tags and more, the creative team can find the assets they need significantly faster.  

Learn More About CreativeSPACES 

These benefits only scratch the surface of how CreativeSPACES can provide value to creative teams. Here’s more on how SPACES can help your team secure, manage and distribute your creative files.  

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