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What is a Rendition?

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Within MediaValet, you can give users the permission to download a rendition of your original files – no matter if it’s a document, video, or image. Meaning, if you upload a PNG, your user can download that as a JPG, TIFF, EPS and more on-the-fly. Beyond customizing the file type, your user can also download the file in a custom size and in their preferred resolution. You may be wondering, what’s the value in this capability?

Why Do Renditions Matter?

The answer is two-fold. First, you’re saving storage space. Rather than uploading the same video as an MP4 and an MOV or as the original sized image, as well as a cropped one, you’re only uploading your file once.

Second, you’re allowing your user – should you give them the permission to do so – to take control of the download process. Meaning, they no longer have to use a secondary system or tool to crop or convert the file. That also means you’re eliminating the backlog of resizing and reformatting requests for your graphic team because each individual user can take ownership of on-the-fly rendering.

Rendition Best Practices

When uploading to the DAM with the rendition capabilities in mind, it’s best practice to upload the most flexible file type in the highest resolution. That way, your user can adjust the file type, as needed, and scale down the resolution or file size if they wish.

Another best practice to keep in mind is that your team should upload files without reformatting. This is especially relevant in situations where you have photographers in the field taking photos – rather than having them convert the files to a certain format or creating different file type or sized versions, have them upload as is, and have your users download the customized version they want in-app, on-the-fly.

Real-World Rendition Examples

Here are some ways that MediaValet customers are already using renditions to drive efficiencies:

Photographer Collaboration

A contract photographer for a local university attends an on-campus event to take photos that the marketing team will use for social media posts and recruitment brochures. The photographer uploads the photos to MediaValet in their standard format, JPEG. Then, the Marketing team uses on-the-fly rendering capabilities to download relevant images as PNGs to use in the brochures and use in-app cropping to resize some images to fit the social media post dimensions.

Client Relations

in-app cropping has an internal rule to always upload and use PNG graphics, as it’s most flexible with a transparent background. Using MediaValet’s in-app capabilities, the agency can then share out the files as whatever file type their client requests – whether that’s as EPS, JPEG, TIFF or other file types.

Media Relations

A municipality uploads the highest resolution version of their brand videos to their MediaValet DAM. Often, they get requests from local press and media sources for video content. Using MediaValet’s rendering and sharing abilities, they're able to share video options in low-resolution for these third-parties to view. Then, the third-parties indicate which videos they’d like to use and the municipality will re-send the selected video in high-definition.

Sales Enablement

A marketing team at a manufacturing company uploads PPTs to MediaValet with graphics and slides they’ve built for their sales teams’ use. The sales team then self-serves the content straight from the DAM. If they’re happy with the PPT as it is, they can download it as a PDF. However, if the user needs to adjust any content on the slide, they can download the document as an editable PPT so they can make the changes.

With MediaValet’s rendering capabilities, your users will instantly be able to download the file they need, when they need it and how they need it – increasing productivity and making their workflow more efficient. And to top that, it ensures your library stays clean and easy-to-use, with a single version of every asset. Contact the MediaValet team today to get started with asset renditions.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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