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The Benefits of Digital Asset Management for Video

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With the overwhelming amount of video content now being produced by marketing and creative departments across many industries, there’s been substantial growth in demand for secure ways to manage these assets. Due to their size and complexity, videos are typically more challenging to store, categorize and share than other digital assets. This can significantly restrict the return on investment (ROI) organizations can gain, simply because they can’t be found or used efficiently. Keeping in mind the amount of time and money it takes to produce these kinds of marketing pieces, this represents a major gap.

Many organizations are leaning into digital asset management (DAM) solutions to get a handle on their video assets. DAM solutions help organizations manage, organize and share large amounts of video content, plus other kinds of digital assets. A DAM helps improve the discoverability of videos significantly, adding additional metadata such as categories, keywords, auto-tags and automatic transcripts and translation. It immensely improves the productivity of marketing and creative teams that are working with video content.

There are six key benefits of using a digital asset management system for your video assets:

  • Centralized location,
  • Enhanced discoverability,
  • Streamlined video sharing,
  • Automated transcription and translation,
  • Reduced video duplicates, and
  • Controlled access.

1. Centralized Location

Having all video assets in one, cloud-based location means that anyone in the organization can access them, no matter where in the world they’re working. This means that geographically dispersed teams and the many people now working from home don’t have to worry about accessibility or accidentally using out-of-date files. No more time spent looking through various shared folders, personal computers, or servers for raw, final and archived footage - your teams will love you for this!

2. Enhanced Discoverability

A digital asset management system improves the discoverability of your video assets, enhancing them with searchable keywords, embedded metadata (camera type, file size, etc.), custom attributes (videographer name, shooting location, etc.) and more. Video Intelligence capabilities also automatically add timestamped metadata for objects, on-screen text, people, topics and more.

3. Streamlined Video Sharing

Don’t worry about using WeTransfer, Dropbox, or having emails bounce ever again, as there are no restrictions on file size when sharing from the DAM. Users are able to send full videos—no matter the size—conveniently via email, web galleries and Branded Portals.

4. Automated Transcription and Translation

Powered by Video Intelligence, auto-generated transcriptions add another layer of searchable metadata to your videos. Quickly navigate to a specific scene or line of script with automatic transcripts created within the DAM. They can also be translated into 57 different languages and downloaded into a variety of file formats compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

5. Reduced Video Duplicates

Having duplicate video files copied across multiple folders can take up significant room on servers or individual users’ computers. When using a DAM solution for video assets, the file is only uploaded once, then tagged to multiple categories—freeing up space while ensuring proper storage and organization.

6. Controlled Access

Contrary to the user experience with cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, a DAM doesn’t take an “all or nothing” approach. DAM administrators can set up user permissions and categories specific to each department or individual’s use cases. You will have control over who can access specific folders, as well as who can download, share and delete your valuable video assets. This helps not only from a control perspective, but overall ease-of-use and searchability for your users, avoiding overwhelming people with access to too many files, or people moving files to improper locations.

Is it Time for a DAM?

The time and money it takes any organization to produce video assets is worthy of a well-thought-out solution for storing and using them. A DAM solution that offers comprehensive, sophisticated video asset management capabilities is a must for any organization working with video content, as marketing trends show those needs will only keep growing. Learn more about MediaValet as a DAM solution for your company, starting with video, and get set up for success managing all your digital assets.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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