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Maximize Your Audio and Video Assets

With MediaValet’s Audio/Video Intelligence (AVI)*,  quickly generate asset transcripts and easily identify people, topics, scenes and more within your audio clips and video footage – helping boost asset discoverability and content creation.

Nothing short of amazing! Having the ability to automatically identify specific people and topics within video will be a real time saver when creating content for our social channels and online publications.

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Extract and automatically append metadata that can be used in Advanced and Global Searches
Easily generate and edit audio and video transcripts and download in a variety of file formats
Automatically translate transcripts into 57 different languages
People Recognition
People Recognition
Train AI models to recognize and identify people within your video content
Topic Recognition
Topic Recognition
Instantly recognize and jump to specific timestamps in your footage containing keywords, themes, topics, sentiments and more
Scene Recognition
Scene Recognition
Browse, identify and watch specific scenes or keyframes within your video assets 

Maximize your asset ROI

  • Improve asset discoverability and provide greater insight into your content with new appended metadata 
  • Identify specific scenes or key frames from existing footage that can be re-used in future campaigns and projects
Power Content AVI Zoom 2
Power Content AVI Player

Power your content creation

  • Easily find the perfect audio or video clip by identifying assets that contain specific people, topics, and more 
  • Save time reviewing footage by easily jumping to specific timestamps with asset transcriptions 
Accessibility AVI Translate 2
Accessibility AVI Translate Zoom

Provide greater accessibility

  • Generate transcripts for all your audio and video assets without leaving the DAM  
  • Allow users to work in their language of choice by translating audio and video transcripts into 57 languages 

Audio/Video Intelligence is currently available to customers in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States (Virginia).
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