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Digital Asset Management 101

What is Digital Asset Management?

Learn everything you need to know about digital asset management (DAM) in this helpful overview with definitions, benefits & examples.

What is Digital Asset Management?

What is a DAM system?

A digital asset management (DAM) system is a centralized system for managing, organizing, sharing and distributing digital assets. It's preferred by organizations looking for a secure, scalable, feature-rich asset management solution.

By using DAM systems, companies of all sizes experience increased productivity, better online presence, improved brand reputation, higher ROI for content and creative programs, and faster time-to-market.

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Store your assets in a structured asset library that is accessible from anywhere in the world.


Find your assets faster with advanced search capabilities, AI-generated auto-tags, keywords and other metadata.

Custom Downloads

Instantly download your digital assets, in the exact file format and resolution you need.

Version Control

Save, track and audit asset versions and revert to an earlier asset at any time.


Share assets in an instant, no matter their size by using links, Branded Portals or online galleries.

Access Control

Protect your assets and your brand with custom permission settings for all user groups.


Safeguard your brand assets with compliance, watermarks, audit logs, and expiration dates.

Easy Distribution

Easily publish and update digital assets across all channels, with integrations and CDN linking.

In-Depth Reporting

Use custom reporting dashboards to measure, enhance and prolong asset lifecycle.

How to Choose a DAM


Define your project scope
  • What are your immediate and future needs?
  • Which departments will benefit from the DAM?
  • What are their challenges?


Identify must-have features
  • Is security critical to your organization?
  • Will you need ongoing support and training?
  • What integrations will you require?


Start your vendor research
  • Evaluate third-party vendor reviews
  • Make a short list and visit their websites
  • Do vendor demos to see if it’s a good fit

Why Choose a MediaValet DAM?

MediaValet was ranked #1 by G2 in their Enterprise Results Index, meaning we help organizations get results fast. How? By making it easy for our customers to scale and achieve their goals.

  • Customer-first approach to doing business
  • Unlimited product support and product training
  • Unlimited categories and tags
  • Enterprise-grade features & security
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