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With MediaValet’s advanced video management platform, your entire media library, including all video formats and sizes, can be easily searched, discovered, transcoded, translated and shared with your entire ecosystem from one cloud-native location.


Find Exactly What You Need

Centralize your video content in a highly secure and redundant media library and tagged thoroughly using an advanced AI‑powered metadata engine. No matter the size of your library or your assets, you can find the exact video, clip or frame you need within minutes.

  • Timestamped AI-Generated Tags

    By automatically adding AI-generated tags to video content, users can find specific videos — whether it’s RAW or up to 8K video files — as well as find precise clips and frames within those videos.

  • Powerful Image Recognition

    Take advantage of AI-generated tags to recognize people, objects, text, spoken word, topics, locations, and generate transcripts and subtitles in over 60 languages.


Experience Video Without Constraints

Rest assured that you have the distribution and rendering features you need to get your video content to the right audience – and ensure they enjoy the experience. Share individual video files or hundreds of clips with ease.

  • Flexible Distribution Methods

    From general purpose features like sharing asset links via email to more advanced options like Lightboxes, Web Galleries, Branded Portals, and CDN Links, you can rest assured that you have all the distribution options you need.

  • Adaptive Video Streaming

    Leveraging Microsoft’s rich video player, along with adaptive bitrate streaming and dynamic packaging, your end-users always experience your video content in the optimal size and format for their device and bandwidth.


Make Video Instantly Accessible

Make your video content available to all, with subtitles that can be translated into over 60 languages. Increase the reach of your messages and meet emerging accessibility standards.

  • Searchable Transcriptions and Subtitles

    Seamlessly generate transcripts or subtitles, in 60+ languages, from audio and video files. All words are time stamped and can be used to find specific videos, clips or frames across your entire media library.

  • Communicate Globally 

    Transcripts and subtitles can also be translated into 60+ languages and downloaded, allowing you to enhance video accessibility across other platforms.

Access Your Videos, Anytime, Anywhere

Manage PBs of videos up to 8K in the cloud in over 400 video and audio file types. With 61 data center regions, in 140 countries worldwide, your team can quickly and securely access your media assets from anywhere in the world.

An Enterprise-Grade Platform
to Protect Your High Value Media Assets

Built exclusively on Microsoft’s global cloud platform, Azure, which is compliant and certified with more than 90 global regulatory standards, you can always feel confident that your video assets are highly secure. In addition, MediaValet secures your video assets with SOC 2 Type 2 certification, web application firewall, encryption-at-Rest and Encryption-in-Transit, data residency compliance in more countries than any other platform and 2 times asset backups.