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What is Video Asset Management?

Video asset management helps organizations maximize the ROI of their video content. Unlike other systems, it’s easy to manage, organize and distribute all of your video assets. Utilizing advanced AI technology, your video assets can be applied with automatically generated metadata, helping to drastically improve your asset discoverability. In addition, you can save time precious time with automatic transcripts & translation – keeping your teams productive and your content accessible.

What are Video Assets?

With the unprecedented demand for video content, video has become one of the most used type of digital assets. Common formats for video include MP4, MOV and AVI. MP4 is typically the most popular format for online video sharing. MOV offers a higher quality image compared to other formats, making it ideal for viewing on larger screens. Lastly, AVI is a multi-media file type that can store both audio and video data in a single file.

Benefits of DAM for Video

Access your video assets instantly
Access your video assets instantly
Establish a secure single- source-of-truth in the cloud to provide your team with quick and easy access to your video assets
Share video assets with ease
Share video assets with ease
Quickly and reliably share high volumes of video from anywhere, seriously anywhere
Maximize video asset ROI
Maximize video asset ROI
Quickly find specific elements within footage, reducing hours of manual labor with Video Intelligence
Don’t let your internet speed slow you down
Don’t let your internet speed slow you down
Stop waiting for your videos to load - automatically preview in the optimal resolution based on your bandwidth
A transformation worth noting
A transformation worth noting
Effortlessly transform video assets into any size, type and resolution
Lean into accessibility
Lean into accessibility
Automatically generate and edit video transcripts - download in a variety of file formats
Video Branded Portals Background

Make working with video assets easier

  • Give your users tailored, self-serve access to the assets they need using customizable category structures and permissions
  • Instantly share collections of videos with team members or external users through Branded Portals, Web Galleries and Lightboxes
  • Make uploading videos a breeze, with MediaValet’s advanced uploader application
AVI Sky Is Limit 2
AVI Sky Is Limit Background

The sky’s the limit for your video assets

  • Eliminate manual effort and provide greater insight into your content with automatically appended metadata
  • Don’t waste time reviewing hours of video footage; easily identify clips and scenes that contain people, topics, sentiments and more
  • Generate transcripts in up to 57 languages for all your video assets without leaving the DAM
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Don’t compromise on your video experience

  • Easily transform and transcode video files into any format, size or resolution
  • Automatically stream the best resolution for specific devices and available bandwidth with adaptive streaming
  • Always provide a fast and seamless video experience on your digital channels with MediaValet’s Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Rest assured your videos are protected with industry leading security and compliance

  • Never worry about accidental deletion with geo-replication and triple redundancy
  • Ensure your video assets are always safe with SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance
  • Provide secure user access through SSO integrations, such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, and more

Use Cases for Video Asset Management

Marketing and Sales Video Management
Use Case #1

Marketing and Sales Video Management

Provide internal and external stakeholders with self-serve access to high-resolution video assets in various formats.

Share collections of video assets while maintaining your brand identity with Branded Portals.

Pre & Post Video Production
Use Case #2

Pre & Post Video Production

Create granular access for your video production team with custom permissions and user rights.

Enable your team to quickly identify specific scenes, time stamps and key frames that can be re-used in future campaigns and projects.

Safely and securely store all raw, final and archived video assets in the cloud.

Video Management for Executives
Use Case #3

Video Management for Executives

Create and manage a library of video training materials for new hires, partners and other stakeholders.

Monitor asset versions, usage and performance of your video content from within the DAM.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many digital asset management systems, including MediaValet, can manage any video format up to 4K! MediaValet also provides previews and support for more than 20 video file types, including MP4, MOV and M2V.

Video asset management brings significant value to marketing and creative teams – especially those investing in a video strategy. It enables teams to manage advertisements, webinars, b-roll and more. It can also bring value to other teams using a large amount of video.

Video asset management helps organizations to manage, organize and share large amounts of video content. It helps improve the discoverability of videos significantly, adding additional metadata such as categories, keywords, auto-tags and automatic transcripts & translation. It drastically improves the productivity of marketing and creative teams.

While almost any digital file can be managed within a DAM, a digital asset is usually defined as a file that bring immediate and long-term value. The most common digital assets include photos, videos, audio files, documents and more.

Digital asset management (DAM) helps companies manage, organize, share and distribute their digital assets from within one central library. It improves the productivity of marketing and teams and increases the ROI of content and creative programs.

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