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Clients are at the heart of every agency’s business – but standing out can be a challenge. Being able to efficiently communicate, quicken turn-around times, and provide immediate access to project assets are differentiators that build long lasting relationships with customers.

Digital asset management is a technology that helps top agencies to improve the creative production process and efficiently manage and distribute projects to clients.


Atomic Design

The biggest thing we wanted was a cloud-based digital asset management system that had impeccable search capabilities. We found MediaValet and have not looked back. We can now easily search and share examples of our work quickly with potential clients, and we do that pretty much every single day.


Marketing Director
Digital Asset Management for Agencies - Browse

Organize and distribute project assets

  • Organize clients’ current and past projects into an easily-accessible, searchable media library
  • Create granular access for each client, with custom permissions, user rights and structures
Digital Asset Management for Agencies - Advanced Search

Power asset discoverability with AI

  • Enrich your assets with AI-generated object and text recognition
  • Enable users to search for images by color, gender and more
Digital Asset Management for Technology - Upload

Increase the speed and volume of creative production

  • Synchronize work-in-progress assets between your desktop, local server, and cloud library
  • Provide access to creative material from within the platforms your team is familiar with (Adobe Creative Suite & Sketch)
Digital Asset Management for Agencies - Detailed

Manage global operations at scale

  • Quickly build on-brand content for your clients, with seamless access to client-specific libraries
  • Easily receive final, high-res media from agency partners, such as videographers and photographers

Agency challenges we help solve

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Managing client requests for access to current and past campaign collateral
Organizing client content, to be easily accessible to the creative team
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Safeguarding clients' marketing material from improper access or accidental deletion
Sharing large, high-resolution files, such as video ads and large posters
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Completing production projects efficiently across agency partners, such as videographers and photographers
Storing archived campaigns for clients where it can be accessed upon request

Benefits marketing agencies see with a DAM

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Easily organize and find content by client, keywords, categories, colors and more
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Enable clients and teams with self-serve access to a library of current and past projects
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Secure client marketing collateral, with enterprise-level security and deletion recovery
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Preview and share collections of assets, regardless of file size or type, including Sketch and Adobe Creative files
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Enable photographers, videographers and other contractors with uploading and downloading from anywhere in the world
Manage multiple clients' content in a single location using a multi-library structure

Category Control

One Library, Administrated by the Agency
With this configuration, the agency is the admin for the entire library and creates a dedicated category for each client, with individual branding and permission levels (except for admin). The agency maintains ownership and control of the system and manages the library’s keywords and taxonomy, which are common for the entire library.

Multi-Library - Category Control
Multi-Library - Master Control

Master Control

Multiple Libraries, Administrated by the Client
With this configuration, the agency offers the digital asset management system to their clients, creating a separate sub-library for each client with its own unique taxonomies, permissions, branding and administrators. The agency can upload directly into the customer’s library from their own DAM and can separate the two systems at any point.

Multi Control

Individual Libraries, One Shared Category
If the agency and client are both using the same digital asset management system, they can set up a multi-library connection between the two libraries. Both companies maintain control over their own libraries but have a shared category that they can both manage. At any point, they can disconnect their libraries while retaining the content in both systems.

Multi-Library - Multi-Control

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