The best of both worlds! CreativeSPACES™ combines the benefits of working from a local server or remote computer with those of the Cloud, helping your creative teams secure and manage their creative files while accelerating their creative process.

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Instead of creating endless workarounds for the creative process, using CreativeSPACES is both convenient and scalable.

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Benefits of CreativeSPACES™

CreativeSPACES provides ongoing visibility, accessibility and redundancy of all source, work-in-progress (WIP) and final files associated with creatives and creative projects. It eliminates the need for assets to be stored on local drives and ensures fast, secure and reliable access at all times, from anywhere in the world.


Automatically synchronize and backup your creative team’s local project files (source, WIP and final) in the cloud


Track and view all work-in-progress (WIP) files throughout your creative workflow


Enable your team to find creative assets using keywords, advance search filters, and artificial intelligence


Connect your local, remote and distributed creative teams with the files they need


Accelerate and secure your creative process without adding extra steps or changing workflows


Ensure the continuity of your creative process – no matter what happens


Secure your creative content

  • Maintain all source links, even years after a project has been been completed
  • Preserve asset associations between source, WIP and final assets
  • Ensure all campaign assets are backed up 24/7

Get assets into your creatives' hands

  • Enable your creative team to search for cloud-based assets without leaving their desktop, from anywhere in the world
  • Empower your team to browse collections of assets easily, with customizable panel and list views
  • Ensure your teams can quickly find what they need by leveraging metadata, artificial intelligence and search filters

Work efficiently from anywhere

  • Provide your team with secure, fast and reliable access to all creative assets, no matter where they're located
  • Enable 24/7 synchronization between SPACES and your DAM, eliminating the need to share files
  • Increase adoption with an easy-to-use interfaces that your team will find user-friendly and familiar  


Give your creative team a cloud library that’s all their own. Someplace to keep all source, WIP and final files before they’re published. CreativeLIBRARY™ securely stores, manages, and tracks your creative team’s creative files in an infinitely scalable, highly-redundant cloud-based library, while your team continues to ideate and create using the CreativeSPACES.

An exclusive space to secure, store and manage creative assets

Keep source and work-in-progress assets segregated from your DAM, storing them in a library that’s connected, but only accessible by you and your creative team

An elegant way to manage and backup the creative work of your local and distributed teams

Manage and track all assets throughout your creative process (source, WIP and final) from ideation to final – no matter where the work is done
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A strategic solution to encourage and support content atomization and reuse.

Save valuable time and resources, and increase the longevity and reach of your creative investments by organizing your content and all related and source assets, and making them easily discoverable by all creative teams

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