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3 Ways AI Can Maximize the Value of Your Video Content

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3 Ways AI Can Maximize the Value of Your Video Content

There’s no doubt about it – video has become a critical component of any marketer’s content toolbox. Not only are 55% of people watching video every day, 52% of marketers in a recent HubSpot guide actually identified it as the content type with the highest ROI. Short video formats, in particular, like those found on Instagram and TikTok, have seen a particular increase in interest. Wordstream even cites that videos, on average, get 12x more shares on social media than text and images – combined!

While the value of video can’t be disputed, it can be incredibly challenging to manage. Even for those that have a digital asset management solution and some form of artificial intelligence in place, the inability to pinpoint a specific moment in time in a video can leave people spending hours sifting through terabytes of footage to find that “magic moment” they need. This is why advanced, time-based video indexing capabilities, like those offered by Microsoft, when combined with a digital asset management solution, are critical to driving significant productivity and ROI gains for marketing and creative teams.

Using DAM-based, advanced video AI capabilities, like those offered with MediaValet Audio/Video Intelligence, users can not only identify which videos contain a specific keyword, it can also identify where in the video it’s present. It identifies objects, people, text, spoken words, sentiments and so much more. It can save marketers countless hours, allowing them to instantly find the exact moment they need from any given set of videos.

Here are three ways that artificial intelligence is enabling organizations to maximize the value of their video content.

Increased Video Re-Use

The nature of video content makes it incredibly challenging to reuse. At any given time, an organization is hosting thousands of hours of video across hard drives, shared servers, and cloud platforms – all with nothing to go on but the file name (which, let’s be honest – is usually named something like “VID-145246”). There’s a ton of legacy knowledge that’s involved in knowing:

  1. If any given video exists and
  2. Where that video is stored.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to find and reuse entire videos, as well as identify opportunities to reuse shorter clips within longer videos. Artificial intelligence for video also enables marketers to more easily find quotes and information within video content to be used in other content formats, such as blog posts, infographics, and whitepapers. With this functionality, you can maximize the ROI of your videos and significantly improve their lifespan.

Example: Anniversary Campaigns

You’re the marketing coordinator for a fast-food restaurant that’s about to celebrate its 50th year in business. As part of an anniversary campaign, the marketing director wants to showcase the commercials that were used to promote the grand opening 50 years ago. Using Video Intelligence, you search for the term “Grand Opening” in your DAM. The DAM then pulls all videos that included the term “Grand Opening”, either within on-screen text or spoken word. You’re quickly able to identify the best videos and send them to your director for use.

Improved Time-to-Market

Creating high-quality videos at scale can be a big challenge – especially for organizations without a dedicated video team. In addition to maximizing ROI, another benefit of making your video content more discoverable with artificial intelligence is improved time-to-market for video projects. Sifting through hours of video footage for content to use in a new piece can take hours if not days. Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce this time, allowing you to identify specific moments within hours of videos where any person, object, or topic is present.

Example: Social Media Highlights

You’re on the social media team for a large basketball franchise. You’ve been tasked with creating a new post that highlights the top moments from star player, Josh MacKenzie, in the game the night before. Using Advanced Search, you search for People: Josh MacKenzie and Uploaded: Last 24 hours. With Video Intelligence, you can quickly navigate to specific timestamps including Josh MacKenzie, and identify the best clips to use. You edit them into a quick highlight reel and submit the video for approval within an hour. It’s live on social before noon that day.

Enhanced Accessibility

Another major improvement that artificial intelligence brings to video is enhanced accessibility. Not only does artificial intelligence boost video footage with auto-generated subtitles, but it also allows the viewer to translate those subtitles into their native language. Microsoft Video Indexer, for example, can auto-translate transcriptions into 57 different languages – on the spot. This opens up huge potential to train, communicate and share more effectively with individuals, learning about their personal preferences and needs.

Example: New Employee Training

You’re an HR manager for a federal government organization preparing a video training series for all new hires. Once the training videos are finalized, you upload them to your DAM and run Video Intelligence for these new videos. A transcript is then automatically created for the videos, which will allow each new hire to apply subtitles in their preferred language if needed.

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