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AI That Fits Your Use Case

Artificial intelligence is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization has a unique goal they’re hoping to achieve with AI and auto-tagging. MediaValet provides a smarter approach to artificial intelligence, offering two tiers of AI capabilities to address the auto-tagging needs of any business.


Pre-Packaged AI

  • Enrich your assets with AI-capabilities driven by Microsoft Computer Vision
  • Tag photos with common object, color and text recognition capabilities
  • This is MediaValet’s basic AI option available to all customers

Example: Without having manually added any keywords to their massive library of photos, a tourism company can quickly and easily search for images of a “beach”, at “sunset”, with a “couple”.


Customized AI

  • Generate auto-tags that address your unique use cases with Microsoft Custom Vision
  • Easily train your own custom AI-models and connect them with your DAM
  • Tag photos with unique SKUs, product names, employees, and much more

Example: A telecommunications company sells a variety of brands and generations of mobile phones. They train an AI model to differentiate between the various brands and generations of handsets, so they can search using terms like “Samsung Galaxy S21” and “iPhone 13”.

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Using one or multiple AI-tiers, MediaValet can help you to put proven artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to work today, instantly improving your asset discoverability and addressing your unique business cases.

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A Smart Approach to AI

While artificial intelligence will aid your team in improving asset discoverability – if done right, it’s meant to assist, not replace manual tagging. With this in mind, MediaValet takes a unique approach to ensure that AI never reduces the effectiveness and accuracy of your DAM.

Our approach consists of 5 best practices:

Showcasing MediaValet's Image Metadata

AI-generated “cognitive” metadata should be kept separate from manually added keywords

When kept separate, users can easily toggle AI-generated tags (i.e. cognitive metadata) on or off during a search, enabling them to find assets that were previously undiscoverable.
Showcasing MediaValet's Advanced AI Generated Image Tags

AI providers should be tracked the same as DAM users

Tracking the actions of your AI providers or models is just as important as tracking the actions of users in your DAM. Auto-tags should be attributed to the AI provider or model that added them, so it can be audited in the future.
Showcasing MediaValet's Advanced AI Generated Image Tags

AI-generated tags should be filterable

Enabling your users to easily search for an asset based on AI-specific filters, such as confidence level, AI provider or model, or image analysis date, improves asset discoverability and relevance for advanced users.
Showcasing MediaValet's Advanced AI Generated Image Tags

AI-generated tags should be convertible

When AI providers and models generate tags with a high degree of confidence, you should be able to easily convert those tags into keywords. This improves search results when AI services are toggled “off”.
Showcasing MediaValet's Advanced AI Generated Image Tags

AI-generated tags should improve over time

Each action taken on AI tags should act as negative or positive feedback for the AI models your using – consistently improving accuracy.

Enhance the discoverability of your audio & video

Audio/Video Intelligence enables you to quickly generate asset transcripts and easily identify people, topics, scenes and more within your audio clips and video footage.
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