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Distributors, buyers and retailers are the life line of manufacturing organizations. They connect products with customers and, ultimately, drive business growth. But, if distributors don’t have the latest product information, correct images, or up-to-date collateral, it’s challenging to propel sales.

Digital asset management helps solve this problem, enabling internal teams, distributors and global partners with the right materials when and where they need them.

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Due to the global nature of our organization, we needed a solution that could be quickly and reliably accessed from any country in the world, could be easily used by all levels of users, and would ensure the right assets were accessed by the right people – at all times. With MediaValet, we achieved each of these objectives with a single solution and were able to roll it out globally in less than a month.


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Enable distributors with self-serve access

  • Enable users to find assets they need using keywords, SKUs and other unique identifiers with advanced search
  • Save frequently used searches, filtered by asset name, color, approval status, star rating, date, file type and more
  • Preview and share collections of assets, regardless of size or file type (3D models, drawings, videos, etc.)

Power asset discoverability with AI

  • Enrich your assets with AI-generated object and text recognition
  • Enable users to search for images by color, gender and more
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Organize and distribute valuable brand assets

  • Organize your product photos & videos, catalogues, campaign collections, and 3D drawings in a centralized library
  • Create flexible access levels for distributors, subsidiaries, contractors or agencies with user-based permissions for self-serve editing, sharing and viewing content
  • Leverage connected multiple libraries for resellers, subsidiaries or regional divisions

Collaborate across divisions and partners globally

  • Distribute collateral, resources and press information across regional teams, partners and retailers
  • Quickly build marketing material, with access to product shots, logos and content from within existing programs, like InDesign
  • Enable offices and partners worldwide with self-serve downloads in the format, size and resolutions they require
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