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Learn how HYTORC, a highly trusted manufacturer, has used their MediaValet DAM to unify it's global brand.

Jon Grusky

Jon Grusky


Design Lead

Jon Grusky works to support the marketing manager and with an external marketing agency in all branding efforts. He leads the charge in content creation.


HYTORC is a 50+ year old, highly trusted industrial bolting systems manufacturer. From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants, wind turbines, and numerous other industries; HYTORC develops solutions for every bolting application imaginable.

The Challenges:

HYTORC was working across a library ecosystem but struggling to manage, organize, and find assets – which was especially frustrating with several teams working across the world.

The Results with MediaValet:

Since making the switch to a MediaValet DAM, HYTORC's international affiliates no longer have a global time difference delaying their receipt of the assets they need, and the organization has watched its brand unify in real-time.

HYTORC's Challenges

A Poor Library System in Place

HYTORC has been working in the manufacturing space for more than 50 years and has established authorized repair facilities all over the world. With the growth of their organization has come multiple, global offices and stakeholders.

As the Design Lead, Jon Grusky works to support the marketing manager and with an external marketing agency in all branding efforts. From social banners to printed banners, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, printed catalogs, manuals, and guides, Jon leads the charge in content creation.

From early on, the team at HYTORC knew they needed a central repository for their digital assets and initially used a library system that turned out to have a seemingly “black and white tier hierarchy”. Permissions could be assigned to new users, but access to various areas was not inherent to the construct, and uploaded assets were either public or private, with no in between.

As they and their content library grew, the system just couldn’t manage their needs or scale with them. It ended up becoming one large junk folder and they found themselves frustrated.

"We wanted to have a more organized ecosystem of assets that was trustworthy"
Jon Grusky, HYTORC

They needed a solution that was maintainable, accessible, and could grow to manage their huge volume of digital assets.

Searching for a DAM Solution

A DAM Vendor that Meets Every Requirement

It was time to search for a dedicated DAM system, one that could meet their needs, and solve their growing content dispersion, and accessibility issues.

The team needed a solution that could seamlessly enable user autonomy, asset sharing, and time-savings, and they had a couple of system requirements on their list. 

It was time to assess digital asset management (DAM) systems, what they offered, and how impactful the options could be for their business.

Enter MediaValet, a platform that met every one of HYTORC’s wants, and even more!

1. Scalability 

As the organization and the need for new formats of content continued to grow, the HYTORC team realized the need for a system that could expand.

They found that MediaValet was a true partner in digital asset management, offering unlimited users, and unlimited training, they knew that the DAM could grow and accommodate teams both now, and in the future.

2. Maintenance

The previous ecosystem that HYTORC was using was neither maintained nor upgraded. They needed a system that would be easy to administrate, but also one that would grow to meet their needs in the future.

As a pure-play or best-of-breed DAM, MediaValet is dedicated to building a consistently better product, and ensuring that customers are enabled with new and upgraded features.

3. Global Accessibility

HYTORC teams are spread across the world, and ensuring accessibility for every stakeholder, no matter their location, without compromising on security and ensuring was an essential feature.

As the only DAM built exclusively on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet has the largest global footprint of any DAM with 140 highly secure data centres available in 61 countries. It’s also Certified (SOC 2, GDPR) and equipped to allow single-sign-on (AD, OKTA).

4. Custom Permissions

It was essential for the HYTORC team to enable users with easy, but restricted access to the platform. Without the ability to offer thoroughly customizable tiered access, the team struggled to ensure the right content was being disseminated.

Customers can use MediaValet to tailor every user group’s access to the DAM library. Custom user permissions ensure the right people have the right access to the right content.

The Results

Moving to MediaValet; a Cake Walk

HYTORC was excited to get started with MediaValet and begin their DAM journey. To promote successful adoption, and ensure stakeholders made the most of the platform, they wanted to gradually bring in their users.

They offered first dibs to the most hardened employees, those with habits that may have been hard to break. But when they said, “Now that's what we’re talking about!”, HYTORC knew the MediaValet DAM was “going to be a cakewalk for everyone else.”

With the success of the first wave of users, HYTORC pushed MediaValet across the global organization to huge approval rates.

The most popular features? Branded Portals have proven to be incredibly successful. HYTORC has used portals to share the correct artwork for conferences, and trade shows. They have built several portals titled and outfitted with scalable production artwork that is manageable by any vendor, and appropriate for any booth footprint.

“It's been received immensely well, and we've had people come back to and say that the vendors had been extremely happy to engage with these; with the portals, with the lightboxes, and even just downloading the files.”

Further to that, HYTORC has a universal fleet of vehicles that also require unified branding, and they use MediaValet Portals in the same fashion with excellent results and feedback from the field.

Jon’s team is also a big fan of instant reformatting and resizing as well as the ability to assign labels and access permissions. It’d saved his team a ton of time – they no longer needed to respond to requests from across the organization, and those using the DAM no longer needed to wait for a response.

“We're an international company, so we could have someone in the UK saying I need a logo and then by the time I get into the office it's their weekend. And then by the time they get it, it's Monday. Now people can now go in, grab what they want and regardless of what they grab, it's always current because we can update versions without breaking links or having to supply new ones.”

So, what are the future DAM plans for HYTORC? Jon sees the DAM as expediting the dissemination of corporate and marketing content, better knowledge sharing, and a cross-pollination of ideas and documentation.

Ultimately, theMediaValet DAM has upgraded HYTORC’s content organization and dissemination, but also improved accessibility and brand consistency.

“MediaValet is effectively empowering our employees and reps to confidently grab-and-go for current assets. It’s all immediate for everyone.”

Is MediaValet a Good Fit for you?

MediaValet's DAM platform provided HYTORC with the tools they needed to overcome dispersed, global teams and build a unified, consistent brand.

With MediaValet on their side, HYTORC can focus on maintaining their leading manufacturing business without worrying about digital asset mistakes or misuse.

If you’d like to learn more about how MediaValet can help your business, reach out to a rep today!


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