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Professional Services

MediaValet’s Professional Services Program is designed to help you along every step of your digital asset management (DAM) journey. Maximize results and reach your goals with our Consulting and Advanced Onboarding packages.


Work with a dedicated DAM consultant for expert guidance on maximizing DAM impact.
Meet with a DAM consultant to achieve a specific outcome with your library. Your adviser can help you streamline processes, remove roadblocks, and get the absolute most out of MediaValet.

Our team is available to work with you in a variety of ways, depending on how you and your team work best.
Common projects we help with
  • Workflow analysis and recommendations
  • Managing changeover in DAM team staffing
  • Creating an ingest workflow design
  • Analyzing your asset lifecycle
  • Reviewing your DAM categories
  • Developing internal DAM documentation; governance policy, succession planning, metadata tagging instructions, etc.
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Number of Hours

1 hour

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Written Recommendation

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Dedicated Advisor



Advanced Onboarding

Get advanced, in-depth technical and strategic guidance on getting setup with MediaValet software.
A dedicated DAM taxonomist or architect will work with your onboarding specialist to develop an onboarding plan that's customized to your company goals, software, and tech stack.
Get your team headed in the right direction with the right level of support by selecting one of three packages:
  • Professional: We create your metadata model and apply it to your assets
  • Advanced: We create your metadata model, apply it to your assets, and provide your team with specialized training on how to catalogue
  • Enterprise: We handle everything related to your metadata model, as well as creating long-term governance policies for it and your overall DAM. This package additionally offers a personalized DAM rollout plan with communication templates




Develop and implement metadata model

Catalogue existing assets using metadata model

Train team on how to catalogue future assets


Metadata governance policy


DAM governance policy



DAM rollout plan with communication templates


Download your copy of the report today to learn how to:
  • Learn the key factors in choosing and scaling an enterprise DAM,
  • Build your DAM business case, and
  • Gain user adoption within your organization.
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Maximize your results and reach your goals with a helping hand from MediaValet’s experienced Professional Services team. Get connected with a DAM consultant today.
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