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MediaValet’s Unlimited Model and Why It Matters

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When deciding to invest in a digital asset management (DAM) system, it is important to consider the future needs of your company in addition to your existing priorities. Regardless of the challenges that your organization is facing today, your needs will inevitably change down the road—and you'll want a system that will scale and adapt with you.

As a solution to help companies better manage their digital assets and solve an array of major pain points, MediaValet offers an unlimited model, designed to allow you to grow and change with minimal constraints. In this post, we’ll look at the unlimited model features that are included with MediaValet's enterprise subscriptions, namely:

  • Unlimited users and user groups,
  • Unlimited product training, and
  • Unlimited product support.

After taking a closer look at these features, you’ll be able to better understand why an unlimited model is a great option when looking for a DAM solution. Read more to find out if it's the right choice for your organization.

Unlimited Users and User Groups

Unlimited users and user groups allow you to scale your DAM across your entire organization - everyone can access what they need, whenever they need it. This feature also increases the security of your assets, as user access parameters are based on the permissions you set up and control. Since user permissions are highly customizable for each user and user group, you never have to worry about assets getting into the wrong hands.

Benefits of Unlimited Users and User Groups

List of DAM users

The unlimited users and user groups feature ensures:

  1. Better Scalability: Being able to extend your solution to the entire organization without having to worry about any extra user costs gives you the freedom to address additional use cases and grow with your DAM.
  2. Streamlined Productivity: Since everyone is able to access what they need, whenever they need it on their own, your marketing team can spend less time sharing assets and more time on core work and projects.
  3. Improved Asset Security: Not only are you able to provide access to your entire organization—you can also set up each user, team, department, and location with a tailored view of the DAM to ensure they only have access to assets that are relevant to them.

Finding a solution that offers unlimited users and user groups opens a realm of possibility for your organization in terms of what you can do with a DAM as your company changes and evolves.

Unlimited Product Training

Unlimited training is an empowering feature that keeps all users up-to-speed and feeling comfortable with the DAM. When everyone is using the system efficiently and effectively, it helps increase overall productivity—companywide. Additionally, with customer success managers keeping everyone updated on the latest features and how to use them, your IT team can spend less time and energy on DAM training.

Benefits of Unlimited Product Training

When your system is working with you, there are several benefits that follow:

Scale Training
  1. Improved Efficiency: Training is taken on by the vendor's customer success managers, so you don’t have to spend hours training everyone individually. This means marketing and IT resources can be used more effectively.
  2. Increased Adoption: When everyone is confident in using the DAM, it becomes a part of their daily workflow, rather than "just another tool". This allows your organization to better ensure brand consistency and high asset ROI.
  3. Maintain DAM Health: With unlimited training, users are able to correctly use the DAM, which ensures the DAM stays clean and accurate. This, in turn, makes for a much more organized solution and allows DAM auditing to be easier for your team down the line.

By prioritizing a DAM that offers unlimited product training, you're able to take away the burden of ongoing training for your team, saving valuable time and resources.

Unlimited Product Support

Unlimited product support ensures that you'll never have to face any technical challenges with your solution on your own. Whether it’s a small question or a large issue that you’re facing, your DAM vendor's support team will walk you through how to fix it and help you to understand what went wrong. When technical problems arise, support professionals are always ready to help you find quick resolutions, whenever you need them.

Benefits of Unlimited Product Support

Unlimited support features can help your organization to:

  1. Reduce Overall Costs: Support costs can add up very quickly, so unlimited support features are always good to look out for. Complimentary, 24/7 support allows you to rest assured knowing you're always covered by your DAM vendor.
  2. Enhance Vendor Support: Whether you have a small or large issue, you never have to worry about potential challenges with your DAM. No matter the problem, your DAM vendor will support you in finding quick resolutions, every time.
  3. Use Less Internal IT Resources: When your company doesn't have to deal with technical issues on your own, your IT team can focus on other areas of the business, and save valuable time.
scale support

DAM vendors that offer unlimited product support help your team to spend more time on high-value tasks and less time trying to figure things out on your own. With unlimited support, you can take your time, reach out whenever you need help, and ask as many questions as you need - without any constraints.

The Unlimited Model is About More than Features

MediaValet’s unlimited model offers a scalable amount of users and user groups while providing unlimited training and support—at no extra cost. Our clients have found that this model not only helps them use the DAM to its full potential but it also keeps the DAM clean and efficient to use.

Learn more here about MediaValet’s unlimited model and how it can help your organization, today.

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