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What Are DAM Professional Services and Why Do You Need Them?

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What Are DAM Professional Services and Why Do You Need Them?

MediaValet is now offering DAM professional services to all customers - find out why you might need them!

Building the right tech stack is no easy task. One drawback to taking on a new tech partner is the intimidation of learning a new system. A lack of qualified individuals within the organization to launch and integrate the system independently can make it more difficult. A huge value-add to working with a new tech partner can be when they offer individualized Professional Services.

Professional Services help bridge the gap between the resources a customer currently has to help integrate a new tech system, and what they need to make it successful. In this post, we address five questions to better understand when to use Professional Services:

  1. What Are Professional Services for DAM?
  2. Why Use Professional Services for DAM?
  3. What is The Difference Between an External and Internal Professional Services Team?
  4. Why Should You Look for a DAM that Offers Professional Services?
  5. What Are The Benefits of Professional Services Teams?

Let's take a closer look at what exactly Professional Services offer for digital asset management (DAM) solutions.

Prof Service

1. What Are Professional Services for DAM?

When it comes to technology partners, Professional Services are considered additional services from an industry expert to enhance a technology purchase. A professional service is performed by an industry expert who can handle what needs to be done—whether that’s launching the DAM, maintaining it over time, or performing a refresh project. On top of training and support offered by DAM vendors, Professional Services teams help customers ensure they get the most out of the DAM solution.

2. Why Use Professional Services?

Many companies choose to use Professional Services because they ensure you get the highest ROI for your software. They remove the burden of hiring someone internally or as a contractor. Using Professional Services ensures that you don’t need to have the expertise in order to start using a DAM solution and provides you with an expert who is a perfect fit for your specific use case, making the entire process run smoothly.

3. What is the Difference Between an External and Internal Professional Services Team?

To start, external services teams may not be familiar with your software, which means they need to get up to speed before starting the project. This would result in extra billable hours. Additionally, an external service would also have its own vendor contract and billing, putting more paperwork and invoicing. External software professional service companies are typically larger teams that are more likely to be able to scale up for large enterprise needs.

When a DAM company has its own Professional Services team, it will already be experts in the platform. There won’t need to be a separate contract with its own vendor approval and NDA; it will simply be another invoice once the scope of work (SOW) is signed. Many internal Professional Services teams can handle larger projects, but it’s always best to check.

4. Why Should You Look For a DAM That Offers Professional Services?

Professional Services help to ensure that clients get the DAM system they need. Providing DAM software is only part of the service. DAM partners should ensure customers are happily and effectively using the system. Sometimes they need an extra step to get there, which is where Professional Services come into play.

MediaValet has its own Professional Services team that brings valuable and diverse backgrounds to the table. They offer an array of services for companies of all sizes, including:

  • Onboarding enhancement packages,
  • Bespoke asset enhancement projects, and
  • A la carte options—smaller services that solve niche challenges.

5. What Are The Benefits of Professional Services Teams?

The top 3 benefits of using Professional Services at MediaValet include:

  1. Working With Experts in Their Field: Chances are an external contractor is offering more general services, not quite as specific to DAM. Our Professional Services team is specialized in DAM taxonomy and strategy. They never need to play catch up on what’s best for your system.
  2. Working with Experts in MediaValet: We know the product and we know our customers’ use cases. It’s a challenge to find taxonomists externally who are intimately familiar with how MediaValet handles metadata. MediaValet experts can make more informed decisions on how to structure data. This saves everyone time and makes for a better final product.
  3. Convenience: Adding another contractor to your roster is a time-consuming task. There’s the interviewing process, request for proposals, proposal scoring, and setting up billing. Using our internal Professional Services team takes away the burden of this process.

In addition to our internal DAM Professional Services team, we also partner with stand-alone, external service teams that can handle projects outside of our offerings.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to learn more about Professional Services and how they could help your organization, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our Professional Services Program, here.

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