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Organizations in the travel and hospitality industry on their digital strategies and visual content to showcase their destinations and entice potential travellers to come for a visit. But, with thousands of photos, videos and marketing materials, it can be near-impossible to ensure all digital assets are organized and discoverable.

Digital asset management helps solve this problem, enabling travel organizations to better manage and distribute their media, visuals, content and communications materials across teams and partners.

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University of Windsor

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Miles Partnership

MediaValet helps with both the delivery of videos to clients and ease of access for re-use on the clients’ behalf. Most of the assets we upload belong to the client, who often want us to make more for them. Having some video we can re-use is a great way to maximize return on investment for those assets for them.
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A secure home
 for your growing media library

Secure all destination images, videos, tours and more in a single, cloud-based media library, where they can be accessed by those that need them. Take advantage of:
  • Asset previews and versions
  • Custom user permissions
  • Unlimited categories

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Self-serve access to the assets you need

Get on-brand, approved assets into the right hands. Enable everyone to find what they need in seconds with self-serve access and enhanced search capabilities, such as:
  • Keywords and other metadata
  • Artificial intelligence auto-tags
  • Advanced search filters

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Endless sharing and distribution options

Collaborate on assets with your agencies and contractors and distribute finals to the world. Share in the way that works for you, including:
  • Branded portals and web galleries
  • Large file sharing options
  • Out-of-the-box integrations

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Brand consistency across the organization

Confidently allow all employees, partners, affiliates and more to access assets and represent your brand. Breathe easy knowing your solution provides:
  • Unlimited users & user groups
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited user support

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DAM Use Cases for Travel & Hospitality

Improving asset access and discoverability

Commissioned photography is central to enticing visitors. From accommodations and restaurants to recreation and entertainment, there are a lot of opportunities to showcase why visitors should choose your location. When assets are stored in a DAM, they’re categorized, keyworded and tagged with AI to ensure they’re always discoverable. This ensures that every asset that’s purchased or created can be found and used by those that need them.

Improving marketing efficiency
By organizing your assets into specific, easy-to-use categories, a DAM allows you to quickly find the assets you need and spend less time sharing them across your organization. As a result, campaigns get to market faster, productivity levels increase, and teams are able to spend more time on high-value tasks.

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