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Brand USA

See how Brand USA streamlines its content marketing and stores 50TB of assets with MediaValet.

MediaValet Brand USA Case Study

About Brand USA

With 800 partners worldwide, Brand USA is a destination marketing organization focused on promoting the United States as a premier travel destination and improving its share of the global travel market.

The Challenge

With a changing tourism market, Brand USA’s marketing team developed a new strategy to better engage tourists and showcase destinations across the United States. This approach introduced a digital plan that included new websites, an updated visual identity and an increased focus on partner-generated media content. To facilitate the upcoming increase in content production, Brand USA needed a system that could enable its partners and integrate into its existing marketing technology stack.

The company needed a DAM that would:

  • Streamline the syndication of partner-donated photos and videos, to be used in marketing campaigns,
  • Manage and track the usage of Brand USA’s images, documents and videos, and
  • Increase the marketing team’s efficiency when curating new content and collaborating with partners.

The Solution

After evaluating top vendors, Brand USA selected MediaValet to host its 50 TBs of content. With custom-built online forms to manage and track Brand USA’s partner content donations and asset usage, MediaValet provided Brand USA’s marketing team with the functionality they needed to create engaging content while ensuring their entire collection of visual assets remained secure. Leveraging MediaValet’s Drupal integration also allowed the marketing team to quickly build and update webpages using approved images and videos from their library.

The Results

After implementing MediaValet, Brand USA’s team has streamlined content production and increased efficiency. Specifically, they’ve:

  • Improved processes for collecting content that’s been donated by partners.
  • Increased speed of creative production, with easy access to brand materials.
  • Enhanced security and accountability around when and how assets are used.

“To succeed, it would take a DAM partner with the infrastructure and experience to support not only our massive library and worldwide access and security needs, but also provide a simple and intuitive user experience with the training and customer support needed to ensure all our users are happy.”
Mark Lapidus, Brand USA’s Director of Digital and Social Media, Brand USA

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