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6 Hand-Letterers and Calligraphers to Follow

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Over the past few years, Instagram has grown from a digital library for sharing your life events, to a business platform for promoting your work and getting noticed. While this new model has jumpstarted the careers of various models and entrepreneurs, it's also created an opportunity for designers to showcase their work and companies to find contractors they'd like to work with.

Hand-lettering and calligraphy have been no different, with amateurs and pros alike all featuring their work on their Instagram page. It's easy to find new designers using relevant hashtags and searches, but here are some of our personal favorites (in no particular order):

Seb Lester

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Sebastian Lester is recognized for his stunning calligraphy designs and hand-lettering of famous brand logos. Showcasing photos and videos of both hand-drawn and digital illustrations, his work offers a great mix of traditional and modern lettering. (@seblester)

Lauren Hom

A designer and letterer based in Detroit, Lauren Hom has made a name for herself for using bright colors, quirky writing styles and clever sayings. Racking up nearly 175 thousand followers on Instagram, she’s worked with leading organizations like Starbucks, Google and TIME Magazine. (@homsweethom)

Adha Firdaus

Known by his alias, Mister Doodle, Adha Firdaus is a typographer and hand-letterer from Indonesia who specializes in clothing and logo designs. With almost 60 thousand followers on Instagram, his posts are easily recognizable with their black backgrounds. (@misterdoodle)

Zachary Smith

Recognized for his awesome lettering work on rusted saws, Zachary Smith is a New York-based designer and letterer with a rustic, outdoorsy feel to his lettering. He works primarily with white and black lettering on a textured background (like tiles, bricks and chalkboards), keeping his 67 thousand followers engaged. (@zacharysmithh)

Tolga Girgin

Based in Turkey, Tolga Girgin is a letterer specialized in calligraphy and three-dimensional anamorphic lettering. Inspiring almost 165 followers on Instagram, he works with a wide variety of colors, pen types (nibs) and writing styles. (@tolgagirgin99)

Kate Pullen

Working with leading organizations like Disney, Nike and The Body Shop, Kate Pullen is a Melbourne-based letterer with a big personality and bold designs. Working on a variety of projects, ranging from clothing to greeting cards, Kate Pullen’s work is instantly recognizable with its bright colors and quirky designs. (@katepullendraws)

We hope you found a couple of new letterers to follow!

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