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The 2024 DAM Trends Report: Key Findings & Extract

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The second annual MediaValet DAM Trends Report is here! The 2024 report deep dives into the state of the digital asset management market, the DAM statistics that matter, the benefits of a DAM system, and how a digital asset management system compares to other solutions on the market.

The 2024 DAM Trends Report is bigger, and better than ever! Get your copy of the report to uncover digital asset management insights based on the responses of nearly 400 respondents. Dive into the results to see:

  • How organizations are using DAM today,
  • The key results being seen by DAM users, and
  • How the DAM market will change in 2024.

Not sure you want to read the full report? Check out a short extract of the book right here:

Going into 2024, there is a growing need for organizations to produce content that fits multiple formats and channels, at unprecedented volumes. With this, organizations are looking to asset management solutions to help them both improve and facilitate content creation, organization, and distribution.

A cloud-based digital asset management solution has emerged as a tech-stack front runner, and based on market activity, is on its way to becoming a key part of the martech stack.

The global digital asset management market is projected to grow from $3.97 Billion in 2023 to $12.29 Billion by 2030. 


Because DAMs on the market today are bringing more advanced capabilities than their alternatives - offering AI-powered capabilities, exceptional efficiencies, and a dedication to continually evolve.

Throughout the report, we uncover some of the most interesting data around digital asset management and how different solutions measure up.

Download a copy to uncover more data on:

  • The development of DAM usage
  • The crucial nature of video in the future of marketing and asset management
  • Integrations that truly matter when creating, managing and distributing assets
  • Why organizations are making the shift to DAM, and
  • What organizations are achieving with DAM today.

Not sure you want to uncover more about DAM? Check out these key findings from the report.

Key Finding: DAM is now an organization-wide tool

Since its inception, DAM has been predominantly used by creative and marketing teams. However, we’re seeing an upswing in adoption cross-organization that’s telling of the value of a dedicated digital asset management platform.

We’re seeing increased interest in using DAM across departments adjacent to marketing, such as sales – with 33.3% of DAM users reported DAM use in the entire organization. Interestingly, compared to last year, we’re actually seeing less organizations using their DAM within their marketing and creative departments.

Further to this, we noted a large number of external teams using a DAM. 22% of DAM users noted that external contractors like agencies and photographers, and vendors and resellers are using the platform.

This data tells us that marketing organizations are prioritizing workflow efficiency and using DAM to support an improved experience for accessing assets – both for users of the DAM and external parties.

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Key Finding: DAM Integrations are leading to tangible results

Organizations that opt to implement integrations within their workflows are reaping the benefits of enhanced performance and efficiency.

Most notable is the increased utilization of on-brand assets, ensuring that content remains consistent and aligned with the organization’s brand identity. A consistent brand identity serves as a cornerstone for building trust, recognition, and loyalty among customers, and integrations deeper align DAM as a critical tool for brand management.

Additionally, these integrations have led to improvements in library security, safeguarding valuable digital assets from unauthorized access and potential breaches. This, along with reduced IT management shows how investing in integrations can help align DAM with IT priorities.

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Key Finding: DAM users experience higher satisfaction rates

When it comes down to it, an organization can only find value in a platform or solution that performs as promised and offers substantial support to its users. It seems that these values translate; when we asked our survey respondents, an overwhelming 92.5% of DAM users sharing they were satisfied with their current DAM.

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Interested in learning more from the DAM Trends Report? You can download the full paper right here!

The 2024 DAM Trends Report

Learn about the benefits that come from implementing the right digital asset management system and how to get started.

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MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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