DAM and Project Management: The Perfect Combination to Complete Your Workflow

Project management solutions have been a no-brainer in helping organizations effectively manage their tasks and meet deadlines - but it’s no secret that teams still struggle to manage and distribute their work-in-progress and final files. Here’s how integrating DAM and your project management solution can help:  

In this post, we highlight how integrating DAM and a project management solution can help your team complete the missing piece of your workflow, create more cohesive processes and give your team a solution to better manage and share their best work. 


1. Ensuring Brand Consistency 

While a project management solution can help you stay on track, it can still be a challenge to make sure that only the latest and relevant assets are used. By integrating your DAM solution, you can give your project managers instant access to approved and up-to-date logos, graphics, and more - guaranteeing your content will be on-brand, every time.  

2. Streamline the Review Process

By giving your teams access to both a project management system and DAM, you can uncomplicate your review process. Eliminate redundant steps and save time by previewing and attaching pre-approved assets from your DAM, within Wrike to keep your projects moving.   

Project-Management-33. Accelerate time-to-market

After a final piece has been reviewed and approved, up next is distribution. Without connected solutions, it can be a challenge to get your final assets in the hands of the right people. When your DAM and PM system is connected, you can easily send your final work to a centralized library that everyone can access and distribute to their appropriate teams.  

4. Extend the life of your content

Too often, final assets are forgotten moments after the campaign is completed, left untagged in a file management solution or on a manager’s hard drive. DAM allows you to organize your assets in a way that works for your entire organization, and with AI-generated metadata and advanced search filters, it's easy for your team to discover new and past campaigns – allowing your team to re-use content and further maximizing your asset ROI.  

Bring Your Workflow to the Next Level

Integrating digital asset management into project management solutions, like Wrike, monday.com, Asana and Workfront, creating and distributing your final assets is as easy as a single click within your project manager’s workflow. 

Want to see how real-organizations have benefited from using project management and DAM in tandem? Watch our recent webinar to see how Monumental Sports Entertainment (MSE), the home of 6 professional sports teams transformed their workflow by combining the forces of project management and DAM. Download the webinar recording.

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