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Customizing User and Category Access with DAM: 4 Example Use Cases

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While there are a number of cloud-storage solutions out there, many aren’t equipped to support customized user access needs. What does this mean for organizations? It means they often need to restrict access to their solutions to prevent the distribution of sensitive documents and other materials. As a result, users need to constantly request the latest documents, photos, logos and more. It’s proven to be a challenge for many teams and organizations, as it takes up precious time and puts a halt on productivity and collaboration.

With MediaValet’s Category Access Management feature, organizations are able to create an unlimited number of user groups and customize their permissions and access levels, including their ability to access, share and download specific sets of assets. Here are four ways that MediaValet customers are using Category Access Management (CAM) to support their category use cases.

Region-Specific Distribution

A national food chain has franchises across the globe. The head office needs to ensure that each franchise will only access marketing material and promotions that are relevant to their market. The admin creates a custom user group for each franchise region, with access limited to categories (folders) specific to each location.

Role-Specific Access

A healthcare organization just hired a new social media coordinator. While they require access to marketing assets, the VP of Marketing wants to limit their access to sub-categories that are relevant to their job, preventing unnecessary exposure to sensitive material. The DAM admin limits the social media coordinator to only view sub-categories that were specified by the VP of Marketing.

Partner Enablement

Each Spring, a furniture retailer releases a product catalogue for their new collection. The retailer works with a partner agency to produce the catalogue. The DAM admin creates a category exclusively for the partner agency to access brand logos, product imagery, spec sheets, and brand fonts. With this new category and level of access, the DAM admin can ensure that the partner agency only has access to the relevant assets required for the product catalogue.

Collaboration Categories

A national fridge manufacturer has an upcoming campaign for their new line. Their DAM admin gives the marketing team and the creative exclusive access to a work-in-progress category, where they can work together on developing materials for this new campaign while keeping the category from all other users until the materials are finalized. Once everything is completed and approved, the DAM admin updates the sales team’s category access permissions to include the campaign folder, where they can find relevant materials to promote the new fridges.

Ready to get started?

Want to learn more about Category Access Management and how it can support your use case? Check out our CAM use case brochure.

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