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Boosting Global Campaigns With Project and Digital Asset Management Integration

Morgan Jones

Content Marketing Manager at Wrike

8 min read

Boosting Global Campaigns With Project and Digital Asset Management Integration

We all know that rapid campaign deployment is no longer optional in the current digital marketing landscape — it’s essential. Ensuring campaigns are well structured, targeted, and integrated is equally essential. That’s where the power of integrating modern project management (PM) and digital asset management (DAM) systems comes into play.

Tools like Wrike and MediaValet are designed to ensure the path to fast and efficient campaign deployment is smooth.

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Integrating Wrike and MediaValet will help your team quickly find the correct files, streamline approvals, and accelerate timelines for every project. Let’s dive in and see why integrating a PM with a DAM like MediaValet is just what your team needs to accelerate their go-to-market campaigns.

We cover:

Breaking down silos with integrated PM and DAM

Separate departments, duplicated work, and unclear objectives can make running go-to-market campaigns a real headache. Alleviate this pain by bringing together PM and DAM systems to make everything run smoother. It’s all about breaking down those walls and working together to get things done faster and more efficiently.

The challenges of siloed departments

Organizations face several critical challenges when PM and DAM tools operate in isolation. Can you relate to any of these?

  • Information is trapped within each department.
    • This makes it challenging to share vital assets and updates across the organization in real time.
  • Work is duplicated and resources are wasted.
    • Teams may inadvertently recreate existing assets or pursue overlapping tasks without a centralized view of everything in progress.
  • There is inconsistency in branding and messaging.
    • Using outdated or incorrect assets leads to inconsistent messaging and a disjointed brand image across different campaigns.
  • There are barriers to speed and agility.
    • Each change requires time-consuming manual updates across multiple platforms, slowing campaign execution and reducing the organization’s ability to respond to market changes.

Let’s see how an integrated approach can help tackle these challenges head on.

Bridging the gap with Wrike and MediaValet

Integrating PM and DAM systems, like Wrike and MediaValet, can help you keep brand messaging consistent and share information consistently and accurately, leading to a more cohesive and efficient workflow. This integration creates a unified platform where teams can easily communicate, collaborate, and share digital assets in real time.

Wrike’s comprehensive work management platform allows teams to automate, manage, analyze, and track projects in one place. By integrating Wrike with DAM solutions like MediaValet, teams can eliminate even more friction from their workflows and focus on their most impactful projects.

MediaValet Wrike Screenshot

How DAM meets the growing need for quick market entry

The rapid expansion of digital channels and the surge in online competition have increased the pressure on organizations to launch campaigns quickly and efficiently. T

his is where DAM systems like MediaValet shine. They’re not just tools; they’re a secret weapon in meeting the rising demand for quick market entry, helping launch campaigns swiftly in this highly competitive space.

The pressure of speed in a digital age

Today, consumers have access to unprecedented information and options at their fingertips. This means businesses must quickly capture attention and convert interest into sales. Failure to bring a campaign to market can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

MediaValet’s role in accelerating time to market

By providing a centralized platform for storing, managing, and distributing digital assets, MediaValet streamlines the entire campaign process.

Teams can quickly locate and use the assets they need without searching through disorganized files or waiting for files to be sent from other departments. This means significant time savings, ensuring you can go to market quicker.

If you’re looking to boost your team’s productivity and accelerate your campaign execution, investing in a robust DAM system could be the key.

Rows of blue folders in the Wrike UI showing spring/summer campaign assets above a social media posting task on a green background

Ensuring consistency across all campaign elements

Getting to market fast is great, but it’s not as meaningful or impactful if you don’t have consistency throughout your campaign. Maintaining a consistent brand message and aesthetic can be challenging, especially with multiple team members working on different campaign elements.

With MediaValet, all digital assets are stored and managed in one place. All team members can access the same assets, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all campaign elements. Additionally, MediaValet’s version control features ensure everyone is constantly working with the most current assets, avoiding inconsistencies due to outdated or incorrect versions.

By integrating Wrike and MediaValet and creating a unified platform for project management and digital asset management, teams work together more effectively and efficiently, accelerating campaign execution and ensuring a consistent, brand-aligned output.

Let’s see why PM systems are becoming more important in increasing campaign success.

Effective project management: The backbone of speedy campaigns

While a unified DAM accelerates campaign deployment, PM tools are the backbone of speedy campaigns. They provide the structure and organization needed to execute tasks promptly. Wrike’s project management capabilities are instrumental in facilitating faster project completion and, thus, expedited campaign timelines.

Efficient project tracking with Wrike

One of the critical features of Wrike is its efficient project tracking capabilities. With Wrike, teams can visualize their project timelines, track progress in real time, and adjust plans on the fly. This constant visibility allows for timely identification and resolution of potential bottlenecks or delays, ensuring projects stay on track and within the set timelines.

Wrike’s project dashboards, in particular, provide an overview of all ongoing projects, their current status, and upcoming deadlines. This allows managers to gauge project health and progress quickly, ensuring no tasks or milestones fall through the cracks.

Rows of skincare photos that are attached files from MediaValet cloud connector over top Wrike task for social media posting with green background

Streamlined project execution

Wrike also shines in streamlining project execution. It allows team members to collaborate in a shared space, reducing the need for endless email threads or disjointed communication channels. Collaborators can comment on tasks, share updates, and discuss real-time changes, accelerating decision making and task execution.

The platform also provides features like Gantt charts with task dependencies, highlighting the sequence of tasks and how they relate. This helps prioritize tasks, ensuring the team focuses on what’s most critical for moving the project forward.

Wrike’s automation capabilities can further speed up project execution. Routine tasks like task assignment, status updates, and report generation can be automated, saving valuable time and allowing your team to focus more on strategic, high-value tasks.

Accelerating campaign timelines

By overseeing project tracking and execution on one platform, Wrike plays a significant role in accelerating campaign timelines. It ensures projects stay on course, while tasks are completed promptly.

The integration of Wrike with MediaValet means your project management process is seamlessly linked with digital asset management, ensuring the necessary assets are readily available within the same platform.

Integrating PM and DAM for global team collaboration

With teams working from various locations today, time zone differences can add complexity to collaboration. This is where the integration of Wrike and MediaValet can make a world of difference.

Overcoming geographical challenges

Integrating PM and DAM tools is not just about managing projects and assets more effectively. It’s about bringing global teams closer together, fostering a culture of collaboration and leveraging the diverse talents and perspectives a global team brings. With today’s technology, geographical barriers are no longer at the forefront.

Wrike and MediaValet combine to provide a unified, cloud-based platform for teams to collaborate, regardless of location. They break down the barriers of distance, making it easier for teams to communicate, share ideas, and work efficiently.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of integrating PM and DAM solutions, a real-world example may help you get a clearer picture of the power of combining tools like Wrike and MediaValet.

Knute Nelson drives marketing efficiency with Wrike and MediaValet

Non-profit organization Knute Nelson stored all of its assets on a private server to ensure the privacy and security of its customers. However, with many requests and individuals needing assets, the teams struggled to manage the workload and easily share content and assets for publishing.

Knute Nelson realized it didn’t need to share any assets with customers’ personal health information; it only needed to share their product and service collateral. It just didn’t have a secure, user-friendly digital asset management to do so.

As the team researched different DAM tools, MediaValet stood out, and a significant selling point was the option to integrate with Wrike. As soon as an asset is approved through the production process, Knute Nelson can select a document in Wrike, and it will upload directly into MediaValet without ever leaving the application. The benefits of this integration include:

  1. Improved organization
  2. Enhanced discoverability
  3. Increased productivity

The Knute Nelson team realized these tools checked all their boxes when searching for the perfect systems, and now they “couldn’t function” without them.

“We invested in [Wrike and Media Valet] to allow us to personalize our experiences, making it as easy as possible for our teams and end users to make database decisions about our strategies. Because of this, we are doing more with less and are now able to scale as our industry grows by having the right tools to manage our work.” - Knute Nelson

Check out this case study for the full Knute Nelson story.

Setting a new standard in campaign management

As we navigate an era marked by digital acceleration and intensifying competition, the way we manage campaigns must evolve. Integrated project management and digital asset management tools are setting new standards in campaign management.

These systems enable teams in the same office or across the globe to work together seamlessly, not only accelerating campaign execution but also ensuring a consistent, brand-aligned output.

As tools like Wrike and MediaValet continue to evolve and innovate, we can expect to see even more transformative changes in the way we manage campaigns in the future. Learn more about how a DAM can help your organization by scheduling a demo with MediaValet today.

If you’re not already using Wrike to accelerate your campaign management, it’s time you give it a test drive. Try Wrike for free and discover how your go-to-market campaigns can improve. 


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