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Knute Nelson

See how Knute Nelson drives marketing efficiency with a DAM

MediaValet Knute Nelson Case Study

About Knute Nelson

Knute Nelson is a non-profit organization with a vision to provide innovative solutions that empower individuals to thrive; serving over 8000 clients throughout their continuum of care in 2021. Their mission as an organization is to enrich the lives of everyone they serve, and foster customer-focused, holistic, and inclusive experiences to meet their customers’ needs.

Challenges Before a DAM

Before implementing MediaValet, Knute Nelson used a private server to store all their assets and ensure the privacy and security of their customers. Here are a few areas where they experienced challenges that lead them to their search for a DAM:

  • Organization: After functioning without a single source of truth to keep their assets organized, they realized they needed a centralized solution to allow for easy content distribution, sharing, and publishing for all users.
  • Accessibility: Along with several challenges with providing access to outside team members, they didn’t have a space where access could be quick and easy for the hundreds of individuals needing access to their assets at any given time.
  • Duplication: They lacked a ticketing system for managing requests and ended up with a lot of back-and-forth emails trying to get the right information. Additionally, there were several repetitive tasks which often lead to duplicate work being done amongst the team.

Finding a Solution

As Knute Nelson began to grow as an organization, challenges began to add up just as fast. They were finding Band-Aid fixes that only led to more challenges down the line, and quickly grew out of their to-do list as a very small team. This eventually led them to realize they were in need of a true project management system.

After months of researching and testing, Wrike checked all the boxes that we needed and today, we know that we couldn’t function without it.

After taking a closer look at all their assets, Knute Nelson realized they didn’t need to share any documents with personal health information. Instead, they simply wanted to share their product and service collateral and needed a secure, user-friendly, single source of truth to do just that: digital asset management.

Our goal was to make the end user experience as personalized and as simple as possible: access had to be quick and easy for the hundreds of individuals needing access to the DAM at any given time. MediaValet checked those boxes for us and so many more.

Connecting Wrike and DAM

As Knute Nelson looked for an additional solution, a significant selling point for MediaValet was the option to integrate with Wrike.

Once we felt like we had a good foundation and understanding of MediaValet, we turned on the Wrike and MediaValet Connector and our team loves the convenience of it.

As soon as an asset is approved through the production process, Knute Nelson can select their document in Wrike, and it will upload directly into MediaValet without ever leaving the application. Instead of traditionally downloading an asset, saving it temporarily to the desktop, and having to re-upload it to multiple locations for others to access, this time-consuming process is made easy with the Wrike and MediaValet Connector.

The three main benefits Knute Nelson experienced when connecting Wrike and MediaValet include:

  • Improved Organization: After launching the connector, users were able to set up filters and save searches within MediaValet to allow them to easily access only the assets that are relevant to them. This not only helps individual users stay organized, it also helps Knute Nelson as an organization keep everything in order.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Between Wrike’s robust search and filtering options, and MediaValet’s specific tagging, attribute, and category features, Knute Nelson is able to “keep it simple” and find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
  • Increased Productivity: With hours of time saved and reallocated in a more productive way, the connection of Wrike and MediaValet has allowed Knute Nelson to produce better outcomes and higher-quality products.

Wrike and DAM: Better Together

With their Wrike and MediaValet integration, Knute Nelson is able to easily find the assets they need, improve collaboration with their end users, and publish and track their assets with ease by enabling users to publish approved assets to MediaValet directly within their Wrike tasks.

We invested in these tools to allow us to personalize our experiences, making it as easy as possible for our teams and end users to make database decisions about our strategies. Because of this, we are doing more with less and are now able to scale as our industry grows by having the right tools to manage our work.

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