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Getting to Know MediaValet’s 2024 Product Roadmap

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Getting to Know MediaValet’s 2024 Product Roadmap

In today’s fast-paced environment, staying ahead of the game requires more than just creativity — it demands innovation, efficiency, and adaptability. The challenges we face are numerous — content chaos, budget constraints, and complex processes, to name a few. But don’t panic, because MediaValet is here to be your unwavering partner on the road to success.

Our pure-play Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution isn't just another tool; it's the cornerstone of your success. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also enables scalable content delivery, supporting the achievement of your business goals.

We're excited to share MediaValet’s2024 product vision, and how our upcoming product releases can help you! This year, you can expect:

Introducing MediaValet's 2024 Product Roadmap

See the MediaValet 2024 Roadmap here!

Our carefully crafted 2024 Product Roadmap is designed to empower you to become the MVP of your organization. With a focus on a powerful new user experience, innovative AI-driven functionality, and an expanding integrations catalogue, we're dedicated to transforming your DAM journey into a resounding success.

Optimize the Use of Digital Assets with a Powerful New HotDAM! Experience

Given the economic challenges and tighter budgets in 2024, we're enhancing your experience by introducing an even friendlier user interface, making it effortless to leverage your existing content. Marketers are compelled to achieve more with limited resources, and our improvements in asset discoverability are designed to empower you to maximize the ROI from your valuable content resources, all while maintaining budget-conscious strategies.

Key Features:

New HotDAM! Experience: An enhanced user experience with a revamped interface, optimizing accessibility, discoverability and security of your digital files. Beyond a new interface, it will offer a refreshed search experience, a modernized approach to managing asset collections, improved attribute grouping, and additional modules catering to both general and power users.

MediaValet Mobile (already released!): Seamlessly upload, browse, share, and download assets while on-the-go with MediaValet Mobile. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your digital assets from your mobile browser, making your workflow more efficient and convenient while also providing granular control.

MediaValet mobile experience screenshot

Save Valuable Time by Minimizing Metadata Dependency with AI

In 2024, AI is poised to revolutionize digital asset management. Beyond reaping the benefits of automated metadata enrichment, organizations will experience a remarkable shift towards metadata independence. This means that MediaValet's AI algorithms will not only proficiently tag and organize assets but will also continually evolve, giving marketers a more hands-free approach to managing metadata.

Key Features:

Similar Image Search: Empowers users to effortlessly find duplicate or similar images using a sample image. For instance, when your web team needs to edit a web page image, even if it's been renamed and stripped of metadata, they can quickly locate the source image within the DAM using the web page image itself.

Semantic Search: Enhances user experience by allowing image searches using plain language descriptions, eliminating the need for metadata. This means that when a marketer searches for an image in MediaValet depicting "two people standing side by side with arms crossed" for a campaign, their DAM will promptly retrieve relevant matches, providing an intuitive and efficient search experience.

Drive Operational Efficiency with an Expanding Integration Catalogue

Our unwavering commitment to simplifying your work continues to grow in significance. We understand the frustration of losing valuable time when you're constantly jumping between different systems that don't communicate with each other. That's why we're expanding our integration capabilities, bridging the gaps that often lead to these time-consuming inefficiencies. Our aim is to foster collaboration seamlessly and accelerate content approvals, recognizing the critical need for marketers to have an integrated software setup.

Key Features:

PageProof: Empowers teams to collaborate on creative files in their DAM through a top-tier online proofing tool — streamlining the review and approval process. Marketers will be able to easily collaborate within their DAM, creating powerful and impactful content that tells stories and prompts their target audiences to take action.

Canva: Seamlessly blend creativity with organization using MediaValet's Canva integration. Elevate your design projects with easy access to your digital assets while streamlining your workflow.

Asset Picker: Empowers customers and partners to swiftly create integrations through the provision of a MediaValet component. This component can facilitate user actions like searching, browsing, and selecting assets they have access to for seamless integration into the host application.

Your Path to MVP Status

With MediaValet's 2024 Product Roadmap, you're well on your way to unleashing the full potential of DAM as a force multiplier for your entire organization. We're deeply committed to empowering you at every step. Our Support Centre offers a wealth of additional resources to supercharge your journey toward DAM excellence.

Want to learn more about our Product Roadmap? Join me for an upcoming webinar, A Deep Dive into MediaValet's 2024 Product Roadmap, to get a more details on what’s to come in 2024.

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