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The Business Benefits of a DAM

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The Business Benefits of a DAM

While there’s no doubt that organizations using digital asset management solutions (DAM) achieve benefits in the marketing and creative department, there's often a need to showcase the value of DAM to the business as a whole. The overarching key business benefits of DAM include:

In this post, we’ll touch on these key benefits above and how they impact the organization.

Mitigating Risk of Asset Loss

When assets live on a server or a solution like Google Drive, where only a handful of people know how to access them, how they work, and how they’re organized, you run the risk of losing the assets and associated knowledge of those assets if someone leaves your company. A DAM keeps all of an organization’s critical assets well-organized in one place, where they’re protected from unapproved use and deletion. This mitigates the risk of assets leaving an organization when certain individuals leave or out of the office. A DAM also enables you to provide tailored access to each individual person - specifying who can share, download and access specific assets. This provides an additional layer of protection to your valued content.

See how James Langan mitigated asset loss at ACAMS by replacing ad-hoc solutions with MediaValet.

Reducing Asset Requests

Anyone who’s worked in a marketing or creative department knows how frustrating it is to be asked for a copy of the most recent logo—again, and again (by the same colleagues). When a DAM solution is in place, employees across all departments can easily find the assets they need without having to ask someone in marketing where those assets are located. The DAM becomes a self-service tool where everyone can find what they need, giving time back to all those involved to focus on business-driving activities.

See how Naomi Pelkey uses MediaValet to reduce asset requests by 80% at the University of Windsor.

Supporting Faster Time-to-Market

Implementing a DAM speeds up the ability for all departments to find the assets they need easily, in the format they need, which allows campaigns or new projects to ship faster. This increased time-to-market frees up time for various teams to create more and better campaigns, increasing overall productivity and, inevitably, increasing revenue.

See how Amy Lofgreen met campaign deadlines at Basecamp Franchising, despite a 90% reduction in staff.

Promoting Asset Reuse & Reducing Duplication

When team members can’t find the digital assets they need to do their jobs, it's common for them to spend time and/or money creating and buying new assets. A DAM allows you to take inventory of what digital assets you currently have and determine which of those are relative and reusable. Then, you can decide which assets can be quickly altered and stored as a new version—instead of buying new assets or spending the time to create more.

See how Anthony Petre uses MediaValet to prevent asset and solution duplication at the University of Wollongong.

Enabling and Improving Collaboration

A DAM solution enables, supports and encourages effective collaboration between diverse and potentially remote business sites, divisions, teams, agencies, partners, distributors, and other stakeholders. The features of a sophisticated DAM - such as custom category access and watermarking - also offer more controlled access to your assets, while enabling these teams to brainstorm and generate approved content. By integrating with other tools in your tech stack, your DAM can become the central content hub, meaning assets can be seamlessly accessed from other platforms, such as project management, CMS, social media and design solutions.

See how James Carter boosts Experian's brand consistency across 45 countries using MediaValet.

Feel the Benefits of DAM

The beauty of a DAM is that as an end-to-end solution, it’s highly customizable for the organization using it - and its benefits to the business are indisputable. At MediaValet we love to walk clients through the day-to-day ease of use, benefits to business, and opportunities involved in implementing DAM. Talk to us today to see if DAM is the right fit for you.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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