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Brand Portals & Their Impact: 4 Example Business Cases

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Brand Portals & Their Impact: 4 Example Business Cases

Brand portals can be used across numerous industries for better content distribution initiatives. We showcase brand portal examples that drive business goals, streamline content, and elevate brand value.

From brand management to agency collaboration, this blog post will explain what a brand portal is and how it can streamline and enhance organizations across various industries.

It’s more important than ever to ensure your assets are easily accessible to improve collaboration and ensure your organization is accurately reflected across all channels. While distributing your assets is important, equally as critical is ensuring they're distributed in a way that reflects your brand. Not only is brand consistency reported to generate a 33% increase in overall growth, but it’s also been linked to improving employee morale.

With this in mind, it’s no longer enough to share assets using traditional distribution solutions like Dropbox, Flickr, or WeTransfer. You need a solution that looks and feels like your unique brand.

Brand Portals, like MediaValet’s Branded Portals, offer a solution if you’re looking to extend the reach of your assets while maintaining your brand identity.

In this blog post we cover:

What is a Brand Portal?

A brand portal enables organizations to curate and share collections of digital assets with internal and external users as a custom-branded online library. With an easy-to-use page builder, you can customize portal sections to organize your assets by project, campaign, file type, and more.

Connected to your digital asset management system, brand portals update in real time as you upload new asset versions or delete assets within your digital asset management (DAM) system. This ensures your portal is always up-to-date, without having to manually swap-out images, re-upload PDFs, etc.

Brand Portal Examples

Common use cases we typically see for brand portals include sharing brand guidelines and supporting various campaigns. Here we discuss 4 business case examples where brand portals can help, including:

  1. Brand Management,
  2. Agency Collaboration,
  3. Post Event Promotion, and
  4. Distributor Enablement.

Let's dive into each in more detail below.

1. Brand Management

Erin is a Brand Manager at Urban Square, a leading Canadian furniture retailer. Her role is to ensure that all internal and external stakeholders use the correct logos and assets to maintain Urban Square’s brand identity. Recently, Urban Square rebranded as part of its 50th anniversary. With this rebranding, Erin has received multiple emails from colleagues and agency partners, requesting the new brand assets.

Erin curates all of the new brand assets (JPEGs, PNGs, videos, etc.) in a Branded Portal and shares it with all employees and partners, ensuring everyone has access to the new brand assets. When new versions of the shared assets are uploaded to the DAM, the Portal is instantly updated.

A brand portal example for Urban Square logos.

2. Agency Collaboration

Digital Agency, BEAR, is currently working on a new social media campaign for their client, Tourism Express. The Art Director, Monica, needs to submit the final assets for approval to the marketing team at Tourism Express. Email is not an option to share the multiple assets that need to be shared.

To securely share the assets with Tourism Express’ Marketing Manager, Monica creates a password-protected Branded Portal. The Marketing Manager of Tourism Express accesses the Portal using the password provided. They are able to view the assets for the upcoming campaign. She is not able to download them as Monica did not select this option when setting up the Portal.

An example of a brand portal within a DAM for a social media campaign

3. Post Event Promotion

In June, Hill University will host its 2020 graduation ceremonies for its Science, Education, Business and Art faculties. As there are four faculties and multiple grad classes, Hill University will need a system to organize and share ceremony photos with the graduates.

Using MediaValet’s Branded Portals, Hill University is able to create a custom Portal for each graduating class. The appropriate faculty logo and degree program name are added to each, uniquely branded Portal. With these Portals, the university can easily share the correct ceremony photos with each graduating class quickly after the ceremonies, using a custom URL and email.

A brand portal example for a graduation ceremony for Hill University.

4. Distributor Enablement

Leed Lighting, one of North America’s largest lighting manufacturers, is preparing to launch its newest LED flood light. For the launch, the Leed team wants to ensure that all of its distributors are equipped with the necessary product collateral – including product images, specification sheets, product pamphlets etc.

To prepare for the launch, Leed’s Marketing Manager, Dominic, creates a Branded Portal and organizes it into several sections: Product Photos, Specification Sheets, Brochures, and Videos; making it easy for distributors to find and download what they need.

Brand portal example of different lighting options.

Learn More About Brand Portals

Are you ready to start distributing your content, while maintaining your brand identity? Learn more about MediaValet's Branded Portals here.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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