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How Digital Asset Management Benefits Ad Agencies

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How Digital Asset Management Benefits Ad Agencies

Clients are at the heart of every agency’s business—but as an agency, standing out can be a challenge. This post explains how digital asset management benefits ad agencies by helping them to build long-lasting relationships with their clients.

As marketing and creative agencies work with a growing amount of digital assets, many are finding that they need professional support in effectively storing, managing, and distributing these massive amounts of client assets. In searching for this support, it is important to note that being able to efficiently communicate, quicken turn-around times, and provide immediate access to project assets are differentiators that can help build long-lasting relationships with customers.

If your agency is looking to stand out from their competition you need to improve client experience. The key? Digital asset management is the perfect solution.

What is Digital Asset Management?

A digital asset management (DAM) system helps agencies manage, organize, share, and distribute digital assets from one central library. It improves productivity and increases the ROI of content and creative programs. Additionally, it helps top agencies improve their creative production process and efficiently manage and distribute projects to clients.

Most agencies that are currently not using a DAM struggle with similar issues:

  • They are storing client information in multiple locations, making it hard to find what they need,
  • There are challenges with giving clients access to assets in a timely manner,
  • Finding assets is taking up way too much time, which is slowing down projects, and
  • They don’t feel their assets are truly secure.

We’ll look at the different reasons agencies should consider DAM as a long-term solution to these pain points. We also review the additional benefits that agencies see from implementing one.

How Digital Asset Management Benefits Ad Agencies

According to a this Forbes article: “Many brands lack an enterprise-wide system to manage their creative assets, which reduces a marketer's ability to produce effective, timely campaigns at scale”. DAM solutions tackle these challenges head-on, giving agencies that use them a major competitive advantage.

Here are 3 specific reasons why agencies should consider a DAM:

1. To Improve Client Delivery

Providing a single source of truth for client assets, including source and final files, solves a variety of agency problems. DAM allows for agencies to organize all clients’ current and past projects into one, easily accessible and searchable library. No more time wasted tracking down assets in various locations. Additionally, you can create granular access for each client, using custom permissions, user rights, and structures. This allows clients to have direct access to their asset library, while keeping other clients’ projects secure.

2. To Accelerate Creative Production

The efficiency gains of using a DAM free up time for teams to work on other projects. By eliminating time spent on tedious tasks, such as searching for assets or trying to share large files unsuccessfully, productivity levels increase—meaning more creative production. A DAM ensures accessibility to assets from anywhere, at any time—making everyone more efficient at their jobs, meaning more work gets done. Plus, creative integrations allow designers to synchronize work-in-progress assets between their desktop and the DAM while providing access to source material from within platforms they’re already familiar with.

3. To Optimize Re-Use

By storing all past and current assets in one, easily accessible location, DAM gives agencies and its clients the opportunity to repurpose and reuse the content they have already produced. Agencies can easily find and use source files, b-roll and archived assets that otherwise would have been buried and almost impossible to dig up. We all know how expensive producing visual content is, so the ability to reuse this content for future projects represents huge cost savings.

6 Critical DAM Features for Ad Agencies

If you’re not yet convinced that DAM is the total package for agencies in search of the perfect solution, here are 6 critical features of a DAM that we know will help.

  1. Organization: Manage multiple clients' content in a single location using a multi-library structure.
  2. Enhanced Search: Easily find content by client, keywords, categories, AI-tags and more.
  3. Accessibility: Enable clients and teams with self-serve access to a library of current and past projects.
  4. Distribution: Preview and share collections of assets, regardless of file size or type.
  5. Uploading: Enable photographers, videographers, and other contractors to upload files from anywhere in the world.
  6. Security: Secure client marketing collateral with enterprise-level security and asset recovery.

Stand out with a DAM

Agencies should consider implementing a DAM not only to increase efficiencies throughout their own organization, but also to improve their client experience. They can get ahead of the competition with functionalities that allow projects to run more smoothly and ultimately, make their jobs easier. Not to mention the time and money saved on repurposing previously produced assets.

How Award Winning Agency bb Blanc Uses their MediaValet DAM

As an award-winning agency, bb Blanc partners with companies, agencies, and third-party planners to deliver 5-star, innovative solutions for events across Canada.

  • bb Blanc is using MediaValet to manage critical assets for pre and post-event promotion,
  • Their newfound efficiencies in connecting employees with final marketing collateral, and
  • How they've used the DAM to improve business and attract new clients.

With solutions covering audiovisual, staging, and live entertainment, their visual media assets and DAM are central to showcasing the incredible work they do. Since implementing MediaValet, bb Blanc has seen their events reach new levels of success. We spoke with Cierra Colelli, bb Blanc’s Social Account Manager to understand how the ad agency is using DAM to their benefit.

You can recreate bb Blanc’s DAM success within your own organization!

With a DAM, agencies can build better, long-term relationships with their clients simply by doing their best work. Interested in learning more? Check out our DAM demo today!

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