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MediaValet Announces Winners of the First Annual MVP Customer Awards

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MediaValet Announces Winners of the First Annual MVP Customer Awards

Vancouver, BC – October 24th, 2023 – MediaValet Inc. (TSX:MVP) (the Company), a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management (DAM), video content management and creative operations software, is proud to announce the winners and finalists of the inaugural MVP Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in the digital asset management (DAM) space, honoring MediaValet customers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and performance.

The awards opened for nominations on September 5th and received submissions from a wide range of DAM professionals working at organizations across industries, user roles and revenue segments. The variety of submissions demonstrates the value DAM brings to organizations beginning with the marketing team and expanding into other departments such as sales, HR, and operations. Common themes within submissions included DAM maturing within organizations, digital transformation and the quantifiable impact DAM has on organizational performance.

The judging panel for the MVP Awards included prominent figureheads from the DAM industry including David Lipsey, Managing Partner, FCx3, LLC, John Horodyski, Executive Director at Salt Flats and Lisa Grimm, Executive Consultant at ICP.

The awards were presented in five categories:

1. MVP of the Year: This award goes to the highest-scoring submission and DAM user who has consistently demonstrated leadership, expertise, and vision.

Winner: A multi-national entertainment conglomerate

2. Team Player: This award recognizes the DAM user who has shown outstanding efforts towards expanding DAM across their organization.

Winner: Jack Rowley, Fred Rogers Productions

3. Innovator: This award honors the DAM user that is an early adopter of new features and innovative use cases.

Winner: James Langan, ACAMS

4. High Performer: This award goes to the individual or team that has consistently delivered exceptional results with their DAM.

Winner: Danielle Andersen & Samantha Beckman, Knute Nelson

5. Budding Star: This award celebrates a new MediaValet user who’s making the right moves to set their team up for DAM success.

Winner: Jon Grusky, HYTORC Division, UNEX Corporation

Finalists for the awards included leading organizations, such as United Way of King County, Miami-Dade County and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

"Our customers are doing impactful work championing digital transformation at their organizations; driving collaboration and change management; and empowering their teams and organizations to achieve their goals,” said Brona O’Connor, VP of Marketing at MediaValet. “They deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated as they’re bringing immense value to their organizations and driving quantifiable results.

“We’re thrilled to launch the first MVP Awards to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of these winners and finalists in the DAM space. Their dedication, innovation, and excellence have set the bar high for our first MVP Awards, and we are excited to see how they will continue to shape the future of digital asset management."

MediaValet would like to extend its congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the Digital Asset Management MVP Awards. We look forward to continuing to celebrate and support excellence in the DAM industry.

A panel of winners and finalists will be speaking at MediaValet’s upcoming DAM Week beginning November 7th – a 3-day webinar series focused on education, inspiration and fostering community in DAM. Register for the sessions here.

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MediaValet stands at the forefront of the cloud-native, software-as-a-service, enterprise digital asset management, video content management and creative operations industries. Built exclusively on Microsoft Azure and available across 61 Microsoft data center regions in 140 countries around the world, MediaValet delivers unparalleled enterprise-class security, reliability, redundancy, compliance, and scalability; while offering the largest global footprint of any DAM solution. In addition to providing enterprise, cloud-native DAM capabilities at a global scale, desktop-to-server-to-cloud support for creative teams, and overall cloud redundancy and management for all source, WIP and final assets, MediaValet offers industry-leading integrations into Slack, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Wrike, Drupal, WordPress and many other best-in-class 3rd party applications.


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