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bb Blanc

Learn how bb Blanc, a leading live events and audiovisual productions agency, are harnessing their MediaValet DAM to transform the live events industry and elevate client experiences.

bb Blanc
Cierra Colelli

Cierra Colleli

BB Blanc

Social Account Manager

"Our outcomes [with MediaValet] have been amazing. It's created a really seamless way to communicate with clients . . . and a very reputable image of our company."

About bb Blanc

bb Blanc is Canadian owned and operated live events and production company. bb Blanc has been supplying award winning event design, audiovisual and staging production, and live entertainment to both the corporate and social event markets for over thirty-five years.

Their philosophy is Creating Event Magic, as one of Canada's leading large-scale event audiovisual staging and production companies. Their goal is to execute every aspect of an event production at the highest level from technical expertise to seamless execution with unmatched creative innovation.

The Challenges:

bb Blanc struggled to manage 10 years' worth of digital content to ensure cohesive branding, secure distribution, and client retention.

The Results with MediaValet:

Implementing a MediaValet DAM has helped bb Blanc position themselves as a leader in their field, allowing them to continue creating exceptional experiences for their clients. The best part? Some of MediaValet's features have helped expedite their sales and upsells.

bb Blanc's Challenges

Disorganized Content Management

bb Blanc was founded in 2008 and went more than five years without centralizing their digital assets.

As an expanding company, with years' worth of events under their belt, they were struggling to manage their growing collection of assets. They needed a solution that could store and organize images, sales pieces, marketing materials and more securely distribute them to clients and team members.

“We were producing such amazing events, but we were really struggling to showcase them.”
Cierra Colelli, BB Blanc

bb Blanc was facing a number of challenges that were impacting their business and hindering their ability to scale.

1. Inefficient Storage

With ten years' worth of events under their belt (at the time), bb Blanc had amassed a vast collection of content that they were struggling to store efficiently.

2. Poor Accessibility

The company was struggling to enable easy or secure asset accessibility to their remote teams working across Canada.

3. Sharing

bb Blanc was finding that clients were becoming overwhelmed or unable to download large files and the folders of assets that they required.

4. Inconsistent Branding

Despite their best efforts, there were persistent issues in maintaining a consistent brand image across all their marketing and sales materials.

The team at bb Blanc realized that they needed to find a solution to better centralize their finalized content and connect it with their clients without confusion.

Searching for a Solution

Researching the best options

It was time to build a central repository for their huge asset library and to enable better processes for their internal teams and client communication.

bb Blanc began their search for the right digital asset management solution to address their challenges. Based on their research, they formulated a list of the must-have features they needed.

1. Unlimited Asset Storage

bb Blanc wanted to securely store all their content in one centralized location, ensuring easy access for their team, no matter where they were in the world.

They also wanted to prepare for the further expansion of their team. With ten years’ worth of event imagery, videos, and other files already accumulated, implementing a system that could house their further growth was crucial.

2. AI-Powered Categorization and Tagging

The team wanted to ensure they could automatically categorize and tag their assets within the solution to make it simple and streamlined for team members to find the content they need.
It was important that their team could quickly find and share assets to clearly communicate value with prospective clients, and to retain satisfied clients.

3. Secure Distribution

bb Blanc was looking for a way to share curated collections of assets with clients and consultants, and with internal teams in a professional and secure manner.

Their team and clients were scattered across Canada and ensuring that they could deliver content in a timely manner without compromising on security was an essential aspect of the software they chose.

4. Branding Consistency and Customization

It was essential for them to maintain a consistent brand across all their own materials, but to also ensure tailored experiences for their clients.

As an incredibly visual business, presenting assets to prospective clients and collaborating internally on the best content was super important.

It was time to assess digital asset management (DAM) systems, what they offered, how the vendor could scale as the agency grew, and how impactful the options could be for their business.

Enter MediaValet, a platform that provided bb Blanc with the tools they needed to not only overcome, but to surpass their challenges.

The Results

Implementing MediaValet, and Reaping the Benefits

Since implementing MediaValet in 2018, bb Blanc has seen remarkable results in terms of communication, efficiency, and professionalism. The platform has enabled them to showcase their capabilities and offerings in a polished and accessible manner, impressing clients and helping them stand out from competitors.

The DAM platform has enabled them to create a more seamless and professional experience for their clients.

"Our outcomes have been amazing. It's created a really seamless way to communicate with clients . . . and a very reputable image of our company."

How has bb Blanc used MediaValet to Impact their Business?

1. Personalized Client Experiences

bb Blanc has used MediaValet's branded portals and web galleries to create tailored experiences for their clients. They can curate content based on specific venues, events, or client preferences, providing a more personalized and engaging experience. This level of customization helps showcase the company's versatility and attention to detail, further enhancing their reputation as a leading live event and production company.

2. Quick and Efficient Content Sharing

MediaValet's platform has streamlined content sharing for bb Blanc by offering quick and efficient solutions. With the ability to create web galleries, Lightboxes, and Branded Portals they were able to share their assets with clients in a professional and efficient manner, without overwhelming them with large files or bogging down their email systems. This has significantly reduced the time spent on searching for and sending assets, allowing the company to focus on delivering exceptional events and experiences.

3. Password Protection and Expiration Features

Another valuable feature of MediaValet is the ability to password-protect portals and set expiration dates for access. This provides bb Blanc with greater control over their content and ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals. Additionally, the expiration feature can serve as an effective sales tool, encouraging clients to take action before access to certain content is no longer available.

Is MediaValet a Good Fit for you?

MediaValet's DAM platform provided bb Blanc with the tools they needed to overcome their content management challenges and produce incredible business outcomes.

With MediaValet as a trusted partner, bb Blanc can continue to focus on producing exceptional live events and experiences for their clients and leave their content management in our trusted hands.

If you’d like to learn more about how MediaValet can help your business, reach out to a rep today!


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