24 Important Questions to Ask On a DAM Demo

When getting ready to attend a digital asset management demo, preparation can allow you to lead the conversation and truly understand how each vendor can meet your needs.

As part of your preparation, it’s important to have a list of questions that you want answered over the course of the demo. These questions should reflect your must-haves and what you’re hoping to achieve with your new digital asset management system.

In this post, we highlight questions to ask that will help you find your perfect DAM vendor. You can also send these to your vendor ahead of time, so they can tailor the demo to suit your needs and answer your questions.

Download a print-friendly version here.


1. What platform does the DAM reside on? (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Private Servers, etc.)

2. Can I select a data center in my area?

3. What operating systems are supported? (PC, Mac, etc.)

Core Features

4. What types of files do I need to store (videos, photos, 3D files, etc.)? Does the DAM manage and support them?

5. What types of search and filter options are available?

6. What files can I preview in full-screen?

7. What files can I edit within the system?

8. What types of metadata can I tag my assets with?

9. Am I able to control asset versions?

10. How intuitive is the system? Will all necessary users be able to use it easily?

11. What asset sharing and transforming options are available (can you change file types and sizes)?


12. How many users do I get with my subscription? What’s the cost per user?

13. How many permission groups are available? Are they customizable?

14. Am I able to restrict specific folders or assets?


15. What integrations are available? Can the vendor’s integrations meet my needs?

16. Do I have access to an Open API?

17. Is there a mobile app available?


18. Does the vendor meet the level of asset security and IT standards my organization requires?

19. What back-up/disaster recovery systems are in place? Are my assets stored anywhere else geographically?

20. What relevant compliance and certifications does the vendor have?


21. How often can I reach support? Are there any additional costs?

22. What’s the process for onboarding? How much does it cost?

23. How do I get additional training? What’s the cost per training session?

24. Do I get a dedicated customer success rep?

Time for Your DAM Demo

These questions are just a starting point towards having a successful DAM journey. To maximize the impact of your DAM system, make sure you select a vendor that can address your unique use-case and needs.

For a print version of these questions, download the PDF here.

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