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HotDAM! for a cool climate

We have officially pledged to attain net zero emissions and waste by 2025. As a low-carbon intensity vendor with a carbon-neutral DAM, we’re already helping our customers achieve their carbon-neutrality goals for a greener future!

HotDAM! for a cool climate

Your Carbon-Neutral DAM

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No other cloud platform or DAM vendor has come close to the commitment and excellence in sustainability that Microsoft has delivered — we are proud to bring this excellence to our customers.

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Carbon emissions by the numbers 

Impact of Efficiency Gains on Customer Carbon Intensity from using MediaValet DAM

The numbers show the impact of MediaValet’s and Microsoft’s efforts to reduce the carbon intensity of our MV DAM through operational efficiencies and renewable energy purchases. As a result, despite a 5-fold increase in our customer base since 2018, our overall emissions have declined thanks to a massive reduction in our carbon intensity. This is the critical mission of any sustainability program and is a key part of our net zero by 2025 pledge – we plan to further reduce our carbon intensity in the years to come.

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The impact of our architectural decisions is significant

Learn why we are proud to have built our full solution on Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service.

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