24/7 Support
& Unlimited Product Training

Committed to your success, every step of the way

DAM Department Down the Hall

When you buy a DAM, you don’t just buy software, you partner with the company that will support you every step of the way. We’re committed to being your “DAM Department Down the Hall” and strive to be an extension of your team, supporting your DAM success.

Support that’s always there for you

Our support team is available 24/7. Whatever time zone you happen to be working in, there’s always a friendly and extremely knowledgeable MediaValet expert to help you with a response to your query. Just send your question to [email protected]

The entire MediaValet team has been nothing short of exceptional every step of the way -- answering our seemingly endless questions, helping us build out exactly what we needed, and always being available to provide advice and assistance when needed!


Onboarding and Training


Meet your dedicated Implementation Manager

We’ll provide you with a dedicated Implementation Manager, who will manage the whole onboarding process for you.

Attend your kick-off meeting

We’ll co-ordinate a meeting with your key stakeholders to introduce the platform, review your goals and take you through the onboarding process.

Configure look and feel

Your Implementation Manager will work with you to configure your library to match your branding and ensure your brand identity is maintained

Learn industry best practices

Throughout the process, our experienced Implementation Team will advise you on industry best practices. We’ve seen it all and have a wealth of knowledge to share around managing large amounts of assets.

Create a custom taxonomy

Whether you have something already or you’re starting fresh, our team will work with you to develop an intuitive and future-proof taxonomy that will scale and grow with your business.

Run an audit of your assets

Much more fun than it sounds, our Implementation Team will guide you through an audit of your assets. It’s a great time to get a clear picture of what you have.

Define users and groups

10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 – regardless of the number, we’ll work with you to define what your users can and cannot do, and then we’ll help you create the accounts to give proper access to all your users.

Migrate your assets to the cloud

Your Implementation Manager will do all the heavy lifting to transfer all your assets and associated data to your new library in the cloud. Uploading TBs of assets all the time? We’ll provide you with high-volume uploading tools, accelerating asset ingestion and time-to-value.

Attend additional training

While our platform is relatively straight-forward to use, we’ll provide any additional training you require to be 100% comfortable and ready to begin using your new platform.

Launch your platform

Your Implementation Manager will provide you with support and suggestions to make a big splash when you roll-out your new platform. Getting early visibility and adoption is key to long-term success and we want to make sure you have the techniques to make it happen.

Customer Success Program

With MediaValet, you’ll have a dedicated customer success manager that understands your challenges and unique goals. Whether you’re working on increasing adoption, connecting internal systems or uploading new assets, we’re constantly working to ensure you’re making the most of your DAM initiative. Our goal is to help you get the most value from a DAM platform immediately and as your needs and objectives change in the future.