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Our Story

Since our debut in 2010, MediaValet™ continues to lead the rapidly emerging cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) industry. Our vision is to provide companies of all sizes and industries, around the globe, with an enterprise-class DAM solution that’s easy to use, accessible from any browser, infinitely scalable, highly secure and supported by the best DAM team in the world.

In early 2009, with 20 terabytes of digital assets under management and over 8,000 hotel customers, VRX Studios Inc., the world’s leading provider of photography and content services to the global hospitality and travel industries, desperately needed a digital asset management solution. After a frustrating, entirely unsuccessful, year-long search, the VRX team threw in the towel. There were simply no affordable digital asset management solutions that could meet VRX Studios’ needs.

Not one to shy away in the face of adversity, VRX Studios’ founder and CEO, David MacLaren, decided to tackle the challenge head on. Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s innovative platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud offering, Azure, David and VRX’s CTO, Jean Lozano, put together a team and built the first 100% cloud-based, enterprise-grade, digital asset management system – from scratch – on the Cloud. This was the beginning of the MediaValet Story.

Today, MediaValet stands at the forefront of the cloud-based digital asset management industry, ahead of all industry stalwarts, with David and Jean at the helm driving innovation and instilling the spirit and personality that has endeared MediaValet to many of the world’s leading brands.

Helping our customers

move faster

reach further

achieve more

with their digital assets

Our Culture Code

Part manifesto, part employee handbook, MediaValet Culture Code is a sneak peak into #MediaValetLife.

Welcome to our world! Navigate through the slides below or download the PDF.

  1. Always explore new ways of doing things.
  2. Always enjoy the journey.
  3. Always be humble yet proud of everything we do.
  4. Always strive to be better.
  5. Always care about the people around us.

Our Awards

AI & Machine Learning
2020 Microsoft IMPACT Awards Winner
Excellence in Tech Innovation
2019 Technology Impact Awards Finalist
Enterprise Cloud Platform
2018 Top Enterprise Solution Winner
Global Partner-to-Partner
2017 IAMCP Canada Gold Winner
Digital Transformation Innovation
2017 Microsoft Impact Award Winner
Adoption of Technology with Canadian Blood Services
2017 Technology Impact Award Finalist
Excellence in Product Innovation
2017 Technology Impact Award Finalist

Meet the Management Team

As a digital asset management system built exclusively in the cloud and employing all the latest advancements, it would seem to most people that technology is MediaValet’s greatest advantage – but they’d be wrong.

Hands down, the number one reason why companies choose MediaValet is our people. Individually, and as a team, we’re funny, compassionate, honest, and always polite.

We’re proud to introduce you to the
best DAM team in the business:

David MacLaren Photo
David MacLaren
Founder and CEO

Entrepreneurial, creative and resolute, over the past 30 years David has disrupted half a dozen industries.

Jean Lozano Photo
Jean Lozano
Chief Technology Officer

Resourceful, inventive and tenacious, Jean applies his 18 years of technical and management expertise to leverage new technologies to drive MediaValet’s ongoing technological prowess.

Beth Kszan Photo
Beth Kszan
VP of Marketing

With over 18 years working in Sr. Management roles for several leading SaaS organizations, Beth has a wealth of experience taking enterprise SaaS products to market and tackling complex competitive and geographic barriers to entry.

Eric Simmons Photo
Eric Simmons
VP of Sales

A Sales heavyweight in Vancouver’s tech industry, Eric is known for his unique approach to identifying critical market demand that drives scalable SaaS revenue.

Philippe de Alberti Photo
Philippe de Alberti
Head of Product

With a certifiably genius way of understanding software architecture, Philippe constructs brilliant product visions and drives the development of innovative and viable software products that lead to increases in ROI and genuine customer satisfaction.

Marie Yatco Photo
Marie Yatco
Head of Customer Success

With over 10 years of experience in Customer Success and working at cloud-based enterprise tech companies, Marie has a passion for helping customers realize the value and power of a platform.

Fraser Charles Photo
Fraser Charles
Head of Global Strategic Partnerships

Growing from a mechanical engineer to a regional GM at one of the world’s largest infrastructure conglomerates, Fraser has the innate ability to create lasting and mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

Vernon Dsouza Photo
Vernon Dsouza
Head of Information Security

With vast experience in incidence response, governance, compliance and more, Vernon has conducted over a hundred security assessments within various IT environments. Experienced in working on large breaches, he’s worked with companies ranging from Fortune 400 to embassies.

Rob Morris Photo
Rob Morris
Head of Customer Enablement

Innovative, creative and strategic, Rob has 16 years’ experience managing large-scale customer IT projects and IT teams.

Carrie McIntyre Photo
Carrie McIntyre
Engagement Manager

As part of the team since day one, Carrie is a major contributor to the MediaValet culture - hiring talented people, organizing fun events, and, of course, bringing in delicious snacks.

Billy Lane Photo
Billy Lane
Business Development Manager

Starting as a Junior BDR, Billy made his way through the ranks at MediaValet and now manages an entire team of business development reps. With a driven and competitive spirit, Billy leads his team to build authentic relationships and drive huge DAM demand.

Sanjay Regmi Photo
Sanjay Regmi
Global Support and Implementation Manager

Dedicated, systematic and detail-oriented, Sanjay brings seven years of experience in ECM and DAM support and customer relationship management

Jason Marshall Photo
Jason Marshall
Software Development Manager

Jason’s expert knowledge of the software engineering and development lifecycle drives him to endlessly improve MediaValet’s product quality with clarity, attention to detail, and such timeliness that he makes our heads spin.

Josipa Kovacev Photo
Josipa Kovacev
Software Development Manager

Starting her journey as a Software Engineer, Josipa now leads two development teams at MediaValet. As someone who prides herself as being a team player, she isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and tackle her teams' roadblocks head-on.

Fernando Botelho Photo
Fernando Botelho
Software Development Manager

Fernando has over 18 years of experience working both as an individual contributor, as well as leading diverse teams in multi-cultural and fast-paced global environments. He's now leading teams for Integrations and Developer Community.


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