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MediaValet Announces Sustainability Pledge

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MediaValet Announces Sustainability Pledge

Vancouver, BC – September 19th, 2023 - MediaValet Inc. (TSX: MVP) (the Company or MV), a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management, video content management and creative operations software (“DAM”), is pleased to announce that it has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2025, and that the MV DAM itself is already green today and is helping customers attain their carbon reduction goals.

“We are passionate about the climate and doing our part to help create a greener future”, commented Rob Chase, President and CEO of MediaValet. “We have long been a low-carbon intensity vendor, and in March of this year, we officially kicked off our ‘HotDAM! for a Cool Climate’ initiative (HD4CC). The HD4CC initiative includes a fulsome assessment of our carbon footprint, a credible plan to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and a clear understanding of how we are already helping customers with their carbon neutrality goals, today. We estimate that the scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions saved for our 500+ and growing customer base by managing their data in the MV DAM vs on-prem is the equivalent to taking 1,6731,2 cars off the road every year.”

Shared Jean Lozano, CTO of MediaValet, “Our MediaValet platform is already green, in large part due to our best-in-class architectural backbone that was built from the start to be highly efficient at scale. This led to many architectural decisions that separate us from the competition – 100% cloud, true multi-tenanted, Multi-File Standard, attribute-based access controls, enterprise security, accessibility, and more – and that have led to us achieving an excellent rating under the Azure Well-Architected Framework, a framework designed by Microsoft to help optimize cloud workloads for green IT. This best-in-class focus also required selecting the right platform partner and we’re delighted to be working with Microsoft.”

According to The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing: A Study on the Microsoft Cloud conducted by Microsoft Corporation and WSP, the Microsoft cloud is up to 93 percent more energy-efficient than traditional enterprise data centres, in part due to the potential for large-scale purchases of green-power that can help ensure a low carbon footprint.

“Operating our digital infrastructure on Microsoft Azure is in line with our ongoing commitment to sustainability,” continued Mr. Lozano. “This decision further enables us to provide a green DAM solution today, without compromising on building an enterprise-class, scalable, flexible and secure DAM.

Importantly, no other cloud platform or DAM vendor has come close to the level of commitment and excellence in sustainability that Microsoft has delivered – we are proud to bring this excellence to our customers.”

Commented Kathleen Mitford, Corporate Vice President, Global Industry Marketing, “At Microsoft, we have made sustainability a cornerstone of our business.With Microsoft Azure, we are focusing on efficiency gains through architectural and operational design, combined with renewable energy purchases. We are encouraged to see partners recognize and trust us as their platform of choice. MediaValet has embraced these concepts and in doing so has delivered significant benefit to their customers."

Commented Rob Chase, “While we’re already a low-carbon vendor, we have identified numerous operational improvements to further reduce our carbon intensity as part of our HD4CC initiative. Getting to neutrality will still require some carbon offsets, but we recognize that any credible plan must first seek to minimize carbon emissions. The good news is that most of these changes are also good for our DAM architecture, making us more efficient for content at scale and adding more value for customers. We look forward to bringing MediaValet to Net Zero by 2025 and, helping our customers meet their sustainability goals.”

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