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Microsoft Office for Digital Asset Management

Microsoft Office Full Collaboration Experience

As the only digital asset management system with a connector into Office 365, MediaValet enables users to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint content from within their library.


On-brand presentations library

  • Easily find and preview presentations, demo decks and sales pitches
  • Scroll through PPT files right inside MediaValet
  • Launch presentations, start a slide show, or print it into a PDF without leaving the MediaValet platform
  • Edit PPT files right inside browser with seamless Microsoft Office online editor integration
  • Automatically track versions and changes to collaborate with teams and contributors

Easy access to RFPs and documents

  • Organize RFPs, training manuals, corporate documents or investor reports and browse through documents with multi-page previews
  • Easily review, compare and reference Word documents of any length, scroll through pages and jump to required sessions
  • One click transfers you inside Office Online while your document remains in “checked out” mode (where your versions are continually tracked)

Collaboration on spreadsheets anywhere

  • Easily find any report, pricing sheet or spreadsheet addendum right inside your secure corporate library
  • Scroll through entire Excel documents right inside MediaValet and share with partners, teammates or customers
  • Collaborate with your team to make edits and track versions without leaving MediaValet. If you saved the wrong version and lost your work, no worries. revert back to the previous version
  • No more outdated reports or teams not able to find needed resources.

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