Marketing work management made easy

Build and publish campaigns with ease.

Simplify Planning
Simplify Planning
Easily turn creative strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success.
Enable Collaboration
Enable Collaboration
Centralize communication while maintaining full context.
Streamline Workflow
Streamline Workflow
Support, manage and track your team’s approach to work.

Build new assets and campaigns

  • Quickly find and use approved assets for projects and campaigns.
  • Search for and preview files within Wrike, saving time and minimizing redundant creative requests.
  • Attach specific files to Wrike tasks to keep project details centralized and easily accessible.

Publish assets with ease

  • Enable teams to publish approved assets to MediaValet directly within Wrike tasks.
  • Upload new versions of existing assets to help maintain version control.

Collaborate with distributed teams

  • Visually mark up new or existing files using Wrike Proof.
  • Ensure all teams are using the right assets across projects and campaigns.
  • Download files to Wrike and share them with key stakeholders or review edits.
  • Upload approved assets to MediaValet for use across integrated campaign projects.

Find the assets you need

  • Access MediaValet from within Wrike to select assets for your project or campaign.
  • Search using advanced filters including color, file types, ratings, or custom metadata.
  • Filter images by the number of people, gender and age with AI-powered search.

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