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Help your web development team save time and increase efficiency

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Enrich Wordpress with impactful visuals and easy image updates

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Keep your brand consistent across all your web properties

simplified web content

Simplified Web Content Editing & Creation

  • Quickly insert assets from MediaValet into your WordPress media library
  • Easily add assets from your MediaValet library right into your post
  • Automatically upload assets into your WordPress media library and link to the posts
Wordpress for DAM - Access

Easy Access to Corporate Visuals

  • Use advanced search capabilities in MediaValet without leaving WordPress

  • Provide easy access to frequently-used brand assets and your latest product collateral

  • Ensure only approved and up-to-date assets are published on the website

Wordpress for DAM - Consistency

Brand Consistency at Scale

  • Ensure only approved assets are visible to the web team, using custom permissions
  • Keep your brand consistent with a centralized collection of your latest, on-brand assets
  • Improve the re-use of photography and visual assets across the entire organization

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