Take ownership of your stock assets with MediaValet + Shutterstock Enterprise


By linking your Shutterstock Enterprise account with MediaValet, you can ensure that assets purchased through Shutterstock are automatically added and categorized in your corporate DAM without extra steps.


Take Ownership of All Stock Purchases

Automatically save all Shutterstock purchases to your MediaValet library, saving time and reducing human error.

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Keep All of Your Stock Assets Organized

Sync purchases to specific categories based on team, license type and more to ensure all stock assets are grouped correctly.
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Make Finding Stock Assets Easy

Map Shutterstock metadata and purchase information to MediaValet, including caption, license type and purchaser, allowing users to find them in seconds.

Learn more about the Shutterstock integration

Book a demo and let us show you how MediaValet’s Shutterstock integration can benefit you and your team.

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