Protect, track and take back control of your assets with MediaValet's Forensic Watermarking


MediaValet's Forensic Watermarking is powered by Steg.AI. and embeds a unique, invisible, and unremovable identifier onto your image, GIF, PDF, or video. Using these invisible watermarks, you can trace valued assets and quickly identify the source of a leak.


Reduce Leaks

An unremovable watermark, that also works with screenshots, will give your team peace-of-mind when distributing valued assets and will discourage unauthorized usage.
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Vendor Specific Identifiers

Your team will be able to create unique watermarks for each vendor which enables teams to easily track any leaked asset and trace it back to the source to prevent future leaks.  

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Save Valuable Time

The automated watermarking process reduces user error, allows users to safely distribute protected assets and will save teams time with a seamless watermarking process. 

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