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This eBook will introduce marketers to the guiding principles of a proven Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy, while sharing how DAM is solving common challenges facing companies today. 

Managing digital assets is one of the biggest problems corporations face today. Trying to get control of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of rich media documents scattered across terabytes of storage calls for new ideas and new solutions. Microsoft technology partners are responding to this need by developing solutions that take advantage of Microsoft Azure. MediaValet is one of those partners that has combined their knowledge of content production with the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.”



  • Foreword by Microsoft: Why managing digital assets is a growing problem
  • Guiding principles of a proven Digital Asset Management strategy
  • DAMS Readiness Assessment Quiz
  • Success scenarios – DAM approaches that work

an eBook for Marketers

Peter van der Zouwe

Senior Business Development Manager - Cloud Computing, Microsoft Canada

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