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MediaValet is an enterprise-grade, global digital asset management (DAM) platform that helps organizations secure, organize, manage and distribute creative, marketing and other media-rich assets across their entire ecosystem including all touch points.

MediaValet is a representative vendor in the Gartner 2020 DAM Market Guide that offers an enterprise solution with a worldwide geographic focus.

Built around your enterprise architecture

Leveraging robust open API and native integrations to manage end-to-end content life cycle and distribution, MediaValet connects to workflows, creative platforms, productivity software and custom applications across internal and external teams.

Scales to your enterprise requirements

Machine Learning Options Customized to Your Business


Image Analysis

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Common Object Recognition

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Product Search

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Speech Recognition

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Face Recognition


Landmark Detection

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Brand/Logo Detection

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Optical Character Recognition

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Nord-Lock Group

Due to the global nature of our organization, we needed a solution that could be quickly and reliably accessed from any country in the world, could be easily used by all levels of users, and would ensure the right assets were accessed by the right people – at all times. With MediaValet, we achieved each of these objectives with a single solution and were able to roll it out globally in less than a month.



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