the chief marketing officer's


This eBook will kick your company's digital transformation into high gear, with best practices across key marketing channels, such as social media, website, content marketing, and more.



  • Actionable steps to scale and improve your digital processes
  • Advanced DAM workouts to make the most of eCommerce, partner, and other channels
  • Metrics to gauge your transformation progress

Strengthen Your Marketing Channel Muscles with Digital Asset Management

Many CEOs and boards may think that their senior marketers’ hands are already full managing the rise of new media, the growing number of sales and service touch points, and the fragmentation of customer segments. But as the forces of marketing proliferation gather strength, what’s actually required is a broadening of the CMO’s role. This expansion will encompass both a redefinition of the way the marketing function performs its critical tasks and the CMO’s assumption of a larger role as the “voice of the customer” across the company as it responds to significant changes in the marketplace.



The Evolving Role of the CMO

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