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To drive rapid growth and stand out from the competition, technology companies need to engage customers with relevant content across every digital channel. To do this well, brand materials, sales resources, product visual elements and more need to be available to the right teams at the right times from anywhere in the world.

Digital asset management enables technology companies to better manage and distribute consistent, on-brand material and content across all teams, partners, contractors and agencies.

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The entire MediaValet team has been nothing short of exceptional every step of the way -- answering our seemingly endless questions, helping us build out exactly what we needed, and always being available to provide advice and assistance when needed. We couldn't be happier with MediaValet and would highly recommend them!

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Marketing Coordinator
Digital Asset Management for Technology - Advanced Search Feature

Organize and distribute marketing collateral

  • Aggregate all your collateral, resources, presentations, product videos and sales material in a centralized library or multiple connected libraries
  • Establish access permission settings and user access for editing, sharing and viewing approved content

Power asset discoverability with AI

  • Enrich your assets with AI-generated object and text recognition
  • Enable users to search for images by color, gender and more
Digital Asset Management for Technology - Advanced Search Feature
Digital Asset Management for Technology - Upload

Enable teams and partners with self-serve access

  • Enable users to find the content they need using keywords, categories and other unique identifiers with advanced search
  • Save and share frequently used searches, filtered by name, color, approval status, star rating, date, file type and more

Collaborate across global offices and departments

  • Collaborate efficiently with teams and agencies, to coordinate product launches, campaigns and content updates
  • Connect with existing MarTech and IT platforms to leverage approved content and visuals across the entire digital ecosystem
Digital Asset Management for Technology - Integrations

Challenges we help solve

Managing collateral, resources and templates for in-progress and final projects
Using on-brand material across all channels, offices and partners
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Efficiently updating and distributing relevant marketing and sales material
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Streamlining content creation across global offices, subsidiaries and partners
Sharing and storing large files, such as videos, large images and PDFs
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Communicating collateral updates to the marketing and sales team

Benefits to tech companies

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Easily organize and find content using keywords, categories, colors and more

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Ensure only on-brand material is used across digital, social and sales channels
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Empower offices, sales teams and partners with worldwide access to marketing and sales resources
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Quickly preview and share collections of assets, regardless of file size or type
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Streamline global operations with integrations into the tools that teams use day-to-day
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Instantly update sales and content versions, using check-in/check-out functions

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