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Healthcare organizations across the world rely on digital strategies and visual content to tell their stories, drive funding and engage with donors. But, with more stringent regulations and confidentiality policies, it can be a challenge to effectively collaborate while maintaining high-security standards.

Digital asset management helps solve this problem, enabling healthcare organizations to better manage and distribute their media, content and communications materials across programs, locations and affiliates.

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The interface is easy to use, especially with the new version that just rolled out this past year, and you truly can’t beat the pricing structure for what you get. Customer service is always top notch - one phone call or email away from solutions.


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Organize and distribute marketing collateral

  • Aggregate all marketing media, brand material and event photos into a single media library
  • Enable users to find the content they need using event name, clinic location, and other unique identifiers with advanced search

Power asset discoverability with AI

  • Enrich your assets with AI-generated object and text recognition
  • Enable users to search for images by color, gender and more
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Stay compliant with user groups and permissions

  • Establish group-based access permissions, rights, and structures for internal and affiliate users.
  • Restrict departments and locations to only access the assets that are relevant to them.

Collaborate across global offices and departments

  • Collaborate efficiently with teams and agencies, to coordinate campaigns, patient stories and content updates
  • Connect with existing platforms to leverage approved content and visuals across the entire digital ecosystem

Challenges we help solve

Managing brand consistency and reputation across programs and locations
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Storing patient media and information while remaining HIPAA compliant and secure
Telling patient stories using strong visuals and appropriate model releases
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Maintaining a growing library of event media, headshots and marketing content
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Recruiting donors by standing out among thousands of other healthcare organizations
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Streamlining collaboration between teams and affiliates while complying with security regulations

Benefits healthcare organizations see with a DAM

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Organize and find content using keywords, categories, colors and more
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Ensure only on-brand material is used across all programs, locations and affiliates
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Ensure the protection of patient information with group-based permission settings
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Enable employees, affiliates and the media with worldwide access to resources
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Keep all of your content safe and secure with advanced security measures
Preserve event photos and past campaigns to save and re-use for future initiatives

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