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See how TDIndustries enables its marketing and sales teams with instant access to custom photography.

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About TDIndustries

Founded in 1946, TDIndustries is a leading construction and facilities services company based in Dallas, Texas. Offering services spanning the full life-cycle of a building, TDIndustries provides state-of-the-art innovations for hospitals, hotels, schools, industrial complexes and more. 100% employee-owned, TDIndustries has a reputation as one of the Southwest’s most respected construction companies and has been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For consecutively over the last 21 years.

Challenges Faced Before DAM

With seven offices, each driving various events, projects and initiatives at any given time, TDIndustries was quickly accumulating an unmanageable number of photos, videos and final collateral pieces. Using a set of naming conventions, TDIndustries stored thousands of digital assets on an in-house server. This solution, however, proved to be inefficient, with few employees conforming to the naming conventions, assets being misfiled, no metadata to search on and limited accessibility. As a result, a large number of TDIndustries’ assets were undiscoverable. Even when assets were found, employees were unclear if they were approved for use and resorted to using the same few assets.

“MediaValet has significantly improved our day-to-day productivity, as well as the quality of the collateral we produce at TDIndustries.”
Dennis Washington, Supervisor of Marketing Production, TDIndustries

TDIndustries faced additional challenges with hosting video assets. The organization used YouTube exclusively, and while most of their videos remained private from the public, they were still subject to YouTube’s copyright policies. Depending on the song playing at an event or on the radio in the background of a site, their videos would frequently get removed by YouTube for copyright infringement concerns.

Together, the myriad of challenges caused by using local servers and YouTube to manage their assets put TDIndustries in an untenable situation that was only getting worse with each new project.

Finding a Solution

TDIndustries needed a way to confidently manage and protect their assets while making the right assets more accessible and discoverable by their various offices and departments. Specifically, TDIndustries needed a solution that could:

  • Centralize their brand assets into a single, highly-redundant and secure media library that could be easily accessed by all seven offices.
  • Improve asset discoverability, with comprehensive metadata mapping and a well-designed, centrally-managed category structure.
  • Provide mobile-friendly access for remote teams to easily find, view and share assets.

After evaluating several DAM vendors, it was clear that MediaValet was the ideal solution to drive the organization’s new digital asset management initiative. With its longstanding commitment to user-experience, MediaValet delivered a platform that was their team’s top choice.

While TDIndustries was impressed with the security, speed and user-appeal of MediaValet’s digital asset management platform, what ultimately drove their decision was the people at MediaValet. The team’s unparalleled customer service, combined with their in-depth knowledge of digital asset management, privacy and security, made TDIndustries confident that their DAM initiative would be a success.

“For our specific use-case, several of the top DAM vendors could meet our basic needs. What stood out for us was the people. After talking to various vendors, the MediaValet team was a breath of fresh air; they were increadibly personable, ridiculously responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Bottom line, we were confident our DAM initiative would be successful with MediaValet’s help.”

How They Use MediaValet Today

TDIndustries took a phased approach to implementing their digital asset management solution. They started in the Communications department with high-value, corporate assets and slowly implemented their new DAM department-by-department, collecting, organizing and securing assets. Today, their corporate DAM drives multiple initiatives and supports various use-cases across TDIndustries, including:

Asset Organization

An accessible, organized and secure central asset library ensures each office and department can quickly find pre-approved photos and videos, as well as the latest versions of brand assets and marketing collateral.

Collateral Building

Access to a wide variety of high-quality, high-resolution in-house photography enables TDIndustries to reduce the Communications and Production teams’ reliance on a few over-used photos, ensuring every piece of marketing collateral (including posters, banners and billboards) is unique, visually-appealing and interesting.

“Since implementing MediaValet, every single piece of collateral that goes out our door has custom photography. We haven’t re-used a photo since, unless it’s part of an ongoing marketing campaign. Using just a few keywords, we can instantly pinpoint the exact asset that we need and feel confident that it’s approved for general use.”

Agency Collaboration

Private external web galleries allow TDIndustries’ various creative vendors and agencies to access curated sets of assets that are approved for distribution, significantly increasing productivity and reducing back-and-forth with the TDIndustries staff.

Project Archiving

User-friendly uploads allow TDIndustries’ dedicated Pursuits team, who build proposals to help win large construction projects, to archive the photos and graphics they create and curate for each proposal, so they can be used in other areas of the business.

“With MediaValet in place, our Pursuits Team can now better perform their “close-outs” after each project by uploading the assets they used into MediaValet, where they can be re-used by other teams throughout our organization. This new process has improved productivity and boosted the ROI of our assets.”

Sales Enablement

Advanced search capabilities enable remote users to quickly pull relevant sets of assets from previous projects (such as high definition photos, videos, and 3D architectural diagrams) during on-site meetings, helping them engage with prospective customers and win their confidence.

“In the final phases of a bid, one of TDIndustries’ superintendents will meet with the potential client and use MediaValet’s web or mobile app to showcase previous projects that we’ve completed. Using Advanced Search, the superintendents are able to quickly - on the spot - search for an owner’s specific project criteria and bring up high-impact imagery of relevant projects.”

Moving Forward with DAM

Today, with instant access to an entire library of approved assets, TDIndustries has seen a major increase in the use of in-house photography and quality of marketing materials. Using advanced search capabilities and a strong category structure, employees are now able to instantly find relevant, approved assets to use in their various projects. Now, every piece of content that’s released, regardless of the department, has a fresh, custom piece of in-house photography.

Since implementing MediaValet, TDIndustries has been delighted with the level of support they’ve received from their dedicated Customer Success Manager. The team is frequently impressed by MediaValet’s responsiveness and proactive communication of upcoming product releases and upgrades.

“During the 3-4 years it takes us to complete each project, like building new stadiums, arenas, and other entertainment venues, we accumulate thousands of pictures, which become near-impossible to manage. With MediaValet, we’re able to quickly sort these photos into multiple categories and keyword them to improve discoverability. MediaValet has significantly improved our day-to-day productivity, as well as the quality of the collateral we produce at TDIndustries.”

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