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Canadian Blood Services

See how Canadian Blood Services enables nationwide employees, partners and volunteers with access to on-brand marketing material.

MediaValet Canadian Blood Case Study

About Canadian Blood Services

Since 1998, Canadian Blood Services has managed Canada’s national supply of blood, cord blood, stem cells, and bone marrow. One of their most crucial functions is to recruit donors through marketing and advertising campaigns that bring in about 850,000 units of blood each year.

The Challenge

Canadian Blood Services was becoming increasingly frustrated with its outdated, on-premise database that could only be accessed from the head office. With a growing collection of digital materials, the marketing team was spending hours finding their assets, resulting in process inefficiencies and wasted time.

Canadian Blood Services needed a more efficient way to manage its digital assets. They wanted a system that offered:

  • Ease-of-use for both their team leaders and their non-technical volunteers
  • Unlimited training, support and users, and
  • Worldwide access to the system for their staff across Canada.

The Solution

With unlimited users, training, support and onboarding, MediaValet was uniquely equipped to handle Canadian Blood Services’ growing internal and external team, while still keeping the solution cost-effective.

MediaValet’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform also ensured their assets could be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Canadian Blood Services found MediaValet so intuitive that they started uploading and tagging their assets before training and onboarding even began.

The Results

After choosing MediaValet as its solution, Canadian Blood Services was able to meet its 3 main goals:

  • Save time and money spent on administrative tasks.
  • Streamline team collaboration and the donor recruitment process.
  • Give partners and volunteers access to the assets they need.
“[With our old system], we had to send each other emails with piles of attachments of materials, which was incredibly inefficient... Accessing and using our assets is so easy for us now - I don’t know why we waited so long!”
Virginia Gaffney, Advertising & Digital Innovation Manager, Canadian Blood Services

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